Supporting Israeli apartheid: EU funding for Elbit Systems
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Supporting Israeli apartheid: EU funding for Elbit Systems

Elbit, one of the most iconic accomplices of Israeli violations of International law and a notorious war profiteer, has already applied with at least 6 projects to Horizon 2020. One of its aims is to develop is Laser Gated Imaging (LGI) technology, a dual-use technology employed in military applications, and is likely to be used in the maintenance of the Wall, settlements and/or military technology. The participation of Elbit in Horizon 2020 Space projects is alarming because the system already developed by Elbit within the framework of FP7 appears to be used by the Military Intelligence Unit of the Israeli Forces, responsible for controlling Israeli satellites and determining their control of West Bank and Gaza


Concern about additional funding to Elbit and its subsidiaries that improves such technological capacity increases in light of the 24 June UN Report on 2014 military operation in Gaza, where Elbit participated in supplying sniper rifles, drones, fire control systems in the Merkava tanks and avionics for Israel’s F162 . According to the Report of the Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict, 2,251 Palestinians were killed, the majority of whom were civilians; more than 11,000 were injured and 18,000 housing units were destroyed3 . The UN report not only points again at possible war crimes but squarely denounces the lack of accountability: “impunity prevails across the board for violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law allegedly committed by Israeli forces, whether it be in the context of active hostilities in Gaza or killings, torture and ill-treatment in the West Bank” 4 . Reassurance that EU ethics procedures are in place only highlight evident flaws in these procedures as long as such funding activities continue.


WE THEREFORE CALL on European Civil Society, members of the European and National Parliament and governmental representatives, to lobby and pressure the relevant EU institutions to exclude Elbit systems and any other Israeli entity involved in the States’ military-industrial-scientific complex (including their subsidiaries) from EU mechanism and cooperation.


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