Two Years in Jayyus
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Two Years in Jayyus

Construction of the Apartheid Wall by Occupation Forces in the village of Jayyus, located in Qalqiliya district, began in October 2002. During the first stage of the construction of the Wall, 72% of Jayyus’ lands, some 8,600 dunums, were confiscated and now fall behind Wall. The Wall now totally separates the people of the village from their livelihood (70% of the 3,000 inhabitants of Jayyus have been totally dependent on agriculture). Tens of thousands of trees have been uprooted, and valuable water resources, olive and citrus groves, and greenhouses are isolated behind the Wall. Beginning in October 2003, orders from the Occupation Forces stipulated that the inhabitants of Jayyus are prohibited from crossing into the isolated areas unless a “permit” from the Occupation “Civil Administration” is obtained, which can only be done by land owners who “prove” that they have land residing behind the Wall or are “officially registered” workers. Now, in December 2004, Occupation Forces have begun constructing a new colonial settlement, “Nofei Zufim” (which expands on the currently-existing settlement of Zufin, established in 1993 on land confiscated from Jayyus village), on these isolated lands. The construction of this new settlement will seal the inhabitants of Jayyus into a ghetto of forced impoverishment. (See map below) During this two-year period, the people of Jayyus have continually resisted the process of destruction and land confiscation whose goal is their total demise. The photos below document the struggle against the Apartheid Wall in Jayyus over the past two years. For Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Poster Map Click Here