The Wall Closing In and Closing Out in Bethlehem District
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The Wall Closing In and Closing Out in Bethlehem District

The Wall is tearing through the Bethlehem District at an ever-rapid pace, destroying and isolating Palestinian lands, while entirely encircling some communities.

In the south and West of Beit Jala and the Walaja area, Occupation Forces started destroying lands for the Wall 2 weeks ago, though have currently been stopped after a petition to the Occupation High Court. If the Wall is completed in the Beit Jala area, 345 dunums of land will be destroyed for construction while 3040 dunums of land will be isolated behind it.

In the West Bethlehem village of Husan, home to 7,000 people, the Wall will completely encircle the village, along with Battir and Nahhalin villages. These communities will be entirely isolated from Jerusalem, with only one “passageway” of sorts to reach Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank. In the process, Occupation Forces will annex the settlement of Betar, which was built on all three of the villages’ lands, as well as the lands of Wadi Fukin and Jab’a.

Occupation Forces also started work in Wadi Rahhal, which is located south of Bethlehem and home to 1200 people, on August 12. If the Wall is built in this area, one section of the village, called Khirbet Nahla, will be totally isolated west of the Wall and at the mercy of the very nearby settlement of Efrata.