West Bank rises up in solidarity with Gaza
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West Bank rises up in solidarity with Gaza

The massacres in Gaza that in the last 48 hours have taken over 300 lives and injured over 1000, come at the end of over one and a half years of brutal siege. A crime against humanity, a creeping genocide, the latest killing spree is not only the responsibility of the Israeli authorities. For over 60 years the international community has shown over and over again that they have no intention to stop Israel – whatever it does.


For decades the people and their movements have fought the crimes of the Occupation, standing in the face of ethnic cleansing and dispossession. The last two days have seen the people all over Palestine, the Arab world and around the globe rise up in protest, not only against the Occupation, but against the inaction and complacency of their own leaders.

The following are pictures from the West Bank.