Worldwide Activism
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Worldwide Activism

Massive Mobilization in Palestine, 2000 Strong Demonstration in The Hague as ICJ Oral Arguments Begin

Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign – Dutch coalition “Stop the Wall”

February 23rd, 2004 — In the Palestinian occupied territories, demonstrations took place in all major cities following a call by the anti-apartheid wall campaign. All political parties, diverse institutions and local groups participated in the demonstrations. In Ramallah, a 4000 strong demonstration filled the Manara square. Speakers from the National and Islamic forces addressed the protestors calling for a united resistance against the Apartheid wall which should culminate in the demolition of the wall and an end to Israeli occupation. [MORE]

In Palestine Mass Demonstrations, Weekend of Rage against Apartheid Wall

Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

February 22nd, 2004 — As the Wall continues unhindered throughout the West Bank, and Gaza, Palestinians persist in their resistance to the Wall and the destruction and confiscation of their lands due to the building of the Apartheid Wall, which began in June 2002. As part of a continued national unified campaign against the Wall which has seen regular demonstrations, this weekend is seeing intensified mobilization by the Palestinian people and affected communities seeking to give a clear message here in Palestine and internationally that the Apartheid Wall is sealing the fate of the Palestinian people and must be torn down. [MORE]

In The Hague, Weekend of Activities Organized by PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Begins

Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

February 22nd, 2004 — Parallel events organized by the Grassroots Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign/PENGON together with the Dutch solidarity groups that have formed the “Stop the Wall” coalition are the central Palestine activities in The Hague, seeking to raise awareness of the Wall’s illegality and provide a framework where affected communities can be heard and where concrete action plans solidified. [MORE]

Solidarity in Jordan Against the Apartheid Wall

Activism, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

February 18th, 2004 — As communities and groups throughout Palestine prepare for demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall, the weekend prior to and on the day of the International Court of Justice case on the Wall’s illegality, solidarity in Jordan is continuing strongly. The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, together with the Jordanian Workers Communist Party, has arranged a candle-light vigil on Saturday the 21st from 6-8pm to join to global call “Stop the Wall in Palestine”. [MORE]

In Palestine and Worldwide: Popular Hearings and Demonstrations against the Wall as ICJ in The Hague Hears Oral Arguments

Press Release, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

February 7th, 2004 — As a national and international call by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, February 21-23 will mark worldwide solidarity with the Palestinian call for justice in the case of the Apartheid Wall being built inside the West Bank. In an attempt to raise greater awareness worldwide, and to highlight the importance of the case, popular hearings that will detail the illegality of the Wall will be held in various cities worldwide. At the same time, solidarity groups are planning demonstrations to ensure greater exposure for the issue and make clear to their governments popular opposition to the Wall. [MORE]