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02/06/2014 the settlers of "Ave Jal" settlement that was built on the lands of Yatta south of Hebron, started constructing new housing units to expand the settlement.

12 \ 5 \ 2014 "The United Nations' Coordination office of Humanitarian Affairs" (OCHA) stated in a report that the occupation authorities demolished 237 Palestinian buildings since the beginning of this year, 27 in occupied East Jerusalem, and the rest in (c) region in the West Bank under complete control of the occupation, as well as 663 demolished buildings during the last year.
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The campaign “You are not alone" launched by Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall) and the Palestinian Farmers Union was carried out for the ninth consecutive year.


Israeli occupation forces yesterday attacked people of the community of Khirbet Makhoul and a group of consuls and diplomats from France, Britain, Spain, Ireland, Australia and the European Union's political office on a field visit. They confiscated a truck they had brought, loaded with tents and humanitarian aids for the residents of Khirbet Makhoul in the northern Jordan Valley. The materials were donated by some countries of the European Union. An Israeli soldier dragged the French diplomat Marion Castaing out of the truck, forced her on the ground and pointed a gun at her head.

The Occupation Forces are demolishing around 20 houses in Hares Village in Salfit District now, The photo shows the targeted houses.

Hebron – 22/6/12 The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) used tear gas and sound bombs to repress a large solidarity march to the village of Susia, in the hills to the southeast of Hebron. The village has experienced multiple cases of house, tent and cave demolitions, leading to the displacement of more than half of the village’s residents, as Settlement associations, who consider the village to be illegal, pressure the IOF to clear the area of Palestinians.


Around 160 Palestinian youths attended a day of voluntary activities in Wadi Qana, a valley in the Salfit district. Stop the Wall called for this activity in order to carry out environmental and agricultural work for the benefit of the Palestinian citizens and the surrounding landscape.

This morning Israeli troops forced homeowners in the Jordan Valley to demolish their homes, having issued 24 demolition notices to four families. The forces did not wait the 24 hours, but evicted the families, who live in the north of the Valley. The head of the local council in Wadi Al Maleh Aref Daraghmeh, a Bedouin, said that the four families lived in the Al Mayte area of the Al Maleh valley were added to a long list of families who have been displace or are under threat of displacement in the region.

The Israeli occupation forces have recently handed notices to citizens in Kufur Qaddoum village in Qalqilia district, stating its intention to demolish houses in the village and ordering the cessation of the construction of other houses that are currently being built. The village lies in Area B* of the West Bank, in the south west.

Villagers said the occupation forces attacked the village on April 30 in the morning and handed out notices to Shaker Radwa, Basem Barham, Mousa Barham, Ahmad Barham, and Subhi Barham.

The occupation forces demolished this morning housing and agriculture facilities in the Jordan Valley area east of the West Bank after dozens of demolition campaigns in the same area last year. The population of the bats of Alhamra area said that the military bulldozers surrounded one of the bats and started demolishing four barracks and a family housing.

The occupation forces issued seven demolishing orders to demolish seven houses in Kherbet Alkher in Hebron after attacking the houses, giving the orders to the Palestinian families. Kherbet Alkher is located near “Karmael” settlement, which is built on Palestinian land. The seven houses host sixty people.
The houses are related to Muhammad Khalil, Ikhlas Ali, Adel Salman, Bilal Salman, Khairi Salman, Maliha Hamad and Salman Eid, all of them from Arab Alhathaleen. 

The occupation forces washed away a number of water wells, throne room and agricultural land in the area known as “Thahr al Suboh” in Kufur al Deik village in Salfit. The occupation has done this several times before within the same area, which is an agricultural relief operation project funded by the Dutch government.
A group of settlers also uprooted 30 olive trees belong to Osama Alsamamra and wrote hostile slogans to the Arabs, in al-Samou’ village in the Hebron district.

Week against the Apartheid Wall (Nov. 9 – 16) – “Take Apartheid off the Menu” Action Day (Nov. 26)

Immediately contact your consulate and embassy through our email action!

While the international community discusses Palestinian statehood, on the ground Israel is continuing the ethnic cleansing and colonization of Palestine with a further displacement push in the Jordan Valley.

A network of seventeen Palestinian human rights NGOs, including Stop the Wall, today launched a campaign to mobilize the international community to end the expulsion of Palestinians from Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation.

The Civic Coalition for Jerusalem is calling for a ‘blacklist’ of corporations supporting the occupation of Jerusalem, and is asking activists all over the world to research companies in their own countries to go on the list:


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