Demonstration in al-Walaja Village Against Further Construction of the Wall

Later that evening, 150 demonstrators marched toward the apartheid wall on al-Walaja lands, in the west Bethlehem district. They tried to reach the isolated lands where Occupation bulldozers are currently working on constructing a new section of the Apartheid Wall. The demonstration, which was organized by Stop The Wall Campaign and the “Welcome to Palestine” […]

Confrontations Occurred at al-Quba Checkpoint, North of Bethlehem Entrance

Occupation forces suppressed the demonstration organized today by Stop The Wall Campaign and “Welcome to Palestine” initiative at al-Quba checkpoint at the northern entrance of Bethlehem city by firing tear gas and rubber bullets. Mazen al-Azah, coordinator of Stop the Wall campaign for Bethlehem district, said that the demo came as part of the local […]

Demolition threats in two Bethlehem villages

Occupation forces have issued several demolition orders this January in the Bethlehem district. In addition to a private home in Irtas, the municipal water well in al-Khader has received another demolition order, threatening to seriously damage the village’s water supply. ***image1***In early January 2009, the al-Khader municipality received the second military order requiring the demolition […]

House Demolitions and Tighter Occupation Control Bolster Palestinian Expulsion of the Southern Ghettos of Hebron and Bethlehem.

***image2***Old City, Hebron: Occupation Forces have intensified their efforts to control and, ultimately, expel the Palestinian population from Hebron’s old city. The entrances to Akabba, the Shibli mosque, Al-Eskafia shopping area, and the main market of Shaloody have recently been blocked off through gates and road obstructions that tighten the colonial grip on Palestinian life. […]

Occupation Forces Confiscate Another 770 Dunums of West Bethlehem Land: 22,000 Palestinians Ghettoized between Walls and Colonies

Palestinians in the western areas of Bethlehem district have received new confiscation orders amounting to 770 dunums of land, taken for the Apartheid Wall and the expansion of the colonies in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc. Villages throughout this area are being ghettoized between two Apartheid Walls – one to be constructed close to the […]

Violence of the Occupation Forces Fails to Deter Palestinian Resistance to the Apartheid Wall

Nazlat Issa/Baqa ***image2***Simultaneous demonstrations on both sides of the Apartheid Wall which cuts through the area of Baqa ended in clashes with Occupation Forces, and defiant calls from the villagers that they will never accept the ghettoization of their lands. Calls by the National Committee To Resist The Apartheid Wall and The Committee For Monitoring […]

Simultaneous Protests Mark Land Week and Continuing Resistance to the Apartheid Wall

***image2***Activities organized by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, and the National Committee to Resist the Apartheid Wall, to mark the commemoration of Land Day kicked off on Wednesday the 30th of March. Popular mobilization ensured demonstrations took place in Hebron/Surif, Bil’in/Saffa and Bethlehem. Surif, Hebron City In the northwest of Hebron City (Surif), over 1000 people […]