Expulsion of coal workers in Yabad: Northern West Bank strangled by closures

South of Yabad – in the west of Jenin district – Occupation Forces have expelled coal workers from their land and work places. Meanwhile intense closures have suffocated the entire northern area of the West Bank, increasing the ghettoization of the disparate Palestinian areas. ***image2***Palestinians engaged in the manufacture of coal near Yabad were expelled […]

Land Confiscations for Apartheid Wall in Jordan Valley – Local opposition stages sit-in

Expulsion of Palestinians has begun in Tamoon, north of Tobas in the Jordan Valley as the Occupation begins the eastern phase of the Apartheid Wall. Designed to ensure the expansion of the settlements, the Wall is ultimately geared towards the annexation of the entire Valley. Over the last week, Occupation Forces distributed military orders for […]

Land Razing and Assault in Al Mutilla Mark the Spread of the Apartheid Wall in the Northeast

Construction of the Apartheid Wall in the Jenin/Tubas area of northeastern West Bank is moving forward, as trees are being uprooted, lands are being cleared and communities are being terrorized at ever-increasing rates. ***image2***Al Mutilla is a quiet Palestinian village on the top of a mountain overlooking the fields of Tubas, the Jordan Valley and […]