Thousands March on Al Nakba Day to Protest the Continuing Theft of Palestinian Land

***image2***Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets throughout Palestine on the 15th of May to commemorate Nakba Day – the Catastrophe of 1948 that heralded the beginning of the Occupation, the destruction of more than 450 Palestinian villages and the expulsion of around 800,000 Palestinians, beginning a process of expulsion which continues today. 57 years […]

Two children martyred in Beit Liqya

***image2***The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign today mourns the deaths of two martyred children from Beit Liqya, murdered by the Occupation as they protested against the Apartheid Wall. The village has pledged it will continue their resistance until the Wall is brought down. Jamal Jaber, 15 years old, and Uday Mofeed, 14, were executed in cold blood […]

Nineteen wounded as Occupation unleashes brutal wave of attacks as Bil’in villagers continue resistance

***image2***Twelve Palestinians were wounded as Occupation Forces unleashed a torrent of bullets, tear gas canisters and sound bombs in the village of Bil’in on Thursday 28th of April. Over 600 protestors gathered by the village mosque and marched to the west of Bil’in where land is being razed for the construction of the Apartheid Wall, […]