Occupation Forces and Resistance Clash in Bil’in as Apartheid Wall Continues Its Path of Destruction

***image2***A demonstration against the devastation caused by the Apartheid Wall was once again met by violence as Occupation forces unleashed tear gas and a flurry of brutality against the villagers of Bil’in, in the west of Ramallah district. Bil’in, and the neighboring village of Saffa, will soon be surrounded by the Apartheid Wall, with up […]

Despite Occupation Checkpoints and Blocked Gates of the PNA Compound: Over 5000 Protestors Refuse to Accept the Apartheid Wall Making Their Voices Heard in Front of Kofi Annan

RAMALLAH (WEST BANK), PALESTINE – While villagers were delayed, and in many instances barred entry at Occupation Checkpoints throughout the West Bank, a huge crowd of over 5000 thronged the streets of Ramallah to protest at the gates of the Muqata’, the compound of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), where Secretary-General of the UN Kofi […]

Confronting the Apartheid Wall – Saffa and Bil’in Villagers Eject Occupation Forces

***image2***On Thursday February 17th Occupation Forces along with their entourage of Wall path technicians entered the villages of Saffa and Bil’in. They surveyed the area in order to determine the Wall’s path in the two villages. The Wall is planned to continue in its second phase from Salfit district to Ramallah district and will surround […]

Against the Apartheid Wall: The grassroots raise the resistance over the last fortnight

Over the last few weeks, Palestinian resistance has increased against the Apartheid Wall dismissing claims made by the Occupation Forces over modification of the Wall’s path. Palestinian resistance made it clear they didn’t believe the Zionist lies and do not accept the negation towards the issue of the Wall by negotiators at Sharm al-Shekh. Below […]

Building of the Apartheid Wall Continues in Budrus, as does the Popular Resistance

***image2***Occupation Forces are continuing to build and destroy for the Apartheid Wall in Budrus village, situated in northwest Ramallah District, currently laying the groundwork in various parts of the village’s west side, while in the south continuing the area’s ruin as of last month’s commencement in those parts. The popular resistance in Budrus continues despite […]

After 8 Months and Resistance: New Destruction for the Apartheid Wall in Budrus

***image2***Occupation Forces have begun destroying portions of the village of Budrus, located in the northwest side of Ramallah District, in order to continue building the Apartheid Wall after having ceased “its work” in the area for the past 8 months, due to the popular resistance of the Budrus residents. Budrus village, with a population of […]