Despite Occupation Checkpoints and Blocked Gates of the PNA Compound: Over 5000 Protestors Refuse to Accept the Apartheid Wall Making Their Voices Heard in Front of Kofi Annan

RAMALLAH (WEST BANK), PALESTINE – While villagers were delayed, and in many instances barred entry at Occupation Checkpoints throughout the West Bank, a huge crowd of over 5000 thronged the streets of Ramallah to protest at the gates of the Muqata’, the compound of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), where Secretary-General of the UN Kofi […]

Grave and Blatant Next Step: Israeli Military Order Calls Wall “Demarcation Line”!

Throughout this week, villagers whose lands have been isolated by the Wall in the northern West Bank found an Israeli military order declaring that the lands isolated behind the Wall formed a “demarcation border” and prohibiting passage to these areas almost entirely. The orders, which constitute a grave and blatant next step in Israel’s illegal […]