How to join

How to join?

There are many ways to join the struggle for a World without Walls

(1) Ensure your organization has signed the call for a World without Walls, if not, please do so by writing to

(2) Please join the Global Day of InterAction on November 9. For more, click here.

(3) World without Walls is essentially a space to build connections between struggles in order to build our collective power to overcome the systems and forces that are behind the racist, right wing, exclusionary policies across the globe. This is a daily effort throughout the year. 

We are always continuing our investigation on walls, their interconnections and the ‘wall builders’. Do you have interesting information you want to share or want to join our research? Please contact us at

You can join and use the call for a World without Walls to build such spaces whenever and wherever you want. 

Step 1: Take a moment and discuss within your organization:

(1) Which are the walls of oppression, exclusion, exploitation and dispossession in our society or context? 

(2) Are we already building joint struggles with movements fighting these walls? If so, how can this initiative contribute to strengthen these efforts? 

(3) Are there movements and initiatives struggling against the walls of injustice in our society or context with whom we want to build connections? How can World without Walls be a tool to start the outreach and build a first conversation/initiative together? 

Step 2: Build you InterAction!

You can take action in many ways: 

– You can organize a webinar, conference or round table, an arts project, a film screening, a photo exhibit online or offline,  an online action.

– You can organize a leafleting action or a banner project, a street action, a graffiti on a wall.

– You can prepare a publication of stories, research, a radio show.

– You can launch a campaign or a full scale caravan …

… anything you want to organize!

Step 3: Let us know about your ideas

Please do share your initiative with us so that we can share it with all the others joining involved in the efforts to buid a World without Walls.

If you would want support to reach out to other movements across the globe to invite them to participate in your effort, please let us know – we are happy to help, if we can.