The Wall in Jerusalem is finalizing Israel’s illegal annexation of the city by isolating it entirely from the West Bank and furthering the Zionist plan of “Greater Jerusalem”. The following images, all taken by Mahfuz Abu Turk in the spring of 2003 for the Palestine Chronicle, are from East Jerusalem neighborhoods where the Wall has been built.





More information on this subject is available in The Impact of the Wall's First Phase on Water in The Wall in Palestine: Facts, Testimonies, Analysis, and Call to Action by PENGON.

The Apartheid Wall coils around Qalqiliya nearly 5 km, imprisoning the city’s 42,000 residents.





By Bethlehem, the Apartheid Wall is furthering the separation of the area from Jerusalem. Through Bethlehem city and neighboring communities, the Wall consists of 15 km of razor wire or concrete (as by Rachel’s Tomb) and often built in combination with settler by-pass roads. 15,000 dunums of agricultural land is isolated by the Wall towards the ever expanding settlements.

On January 21, 2003 the Israeli military destroyed 63 shops Nazlat ‘Isa’s commercial area as part of the process to forcibly expel residents from communities near the Apartheid Wall. Nazlat ‘Isa is north of Tulkarem and now trapped between the Wall and the Green Line, in the Israeli de facto annexed area. More information is available in Latest News.





The map presented here was produced October 7, 2002 by the Israeli military. It was the first military map to become available indicating that the settlement Alfe Menashe, south of Qalqiliya, would be included on the west side of the Wall—in the de facto annexed area by and for Israel. The military has yet to make public a map of the Wall’s entire path.


For a map of the Wall's entire path from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign click here.

There has yet to be an “official” map of the Wall’s entire path released by the Israeli military. The following map was the first to become available, on September 18th 2002, in a case filed by the Palestinian human rights group, LAW, to the Israeli courts regarding residents’ lands affected by the Wall in the villages Attil, Baqa ash Sharqiya, Deir al Ghusun, Nazlat ‘Isa, and Quffin. At this time, the route of the Wall was to extend for 115 km and did not include the effective annexation of the settlement Alfe Menashe, south of Qalqiliya.


Massive Mobilization in Palestine, 2000 Strong Demonstration in The Hague as ICJ Oral Arguments Begin

Latest News, PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign - Dutch coalition "Stop the Wall"

FEBRUARY 23RD, 2004 --
In the Palestinian occupied territories, demonstrations took place in all major cities following a
call by the anti-apartheid wall campaign. All political parties, diverse institutions and local groups participated in the

Cracking Under the Strain

Jonathan Cook, Al-Ahram Weekly

SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2004 -- Severe cracks surfaced inside the Israeli government this week as its senior law officers publicly
fell out with the defence establishment and the Foreign Ministry over the country's future strategy in the face of the July
verdict of the International Court of Justice that the separation wall being built in the West Bank is illegal. [MORE]

United Nations Convention on the Crime of Apartheid

United Nations Convention, United Nations

APRIL 11TH, 2004 --
"Observing that the Security Council has emphasized that apartheid and its continued intensification and
expansion seriously disturb and threaten international peace and security, Convinced that an International Convention on the
Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid would make it possible to take more effective measures at the

Full Text of the Official ICJ Ruling on the Apartheid Wall - ILLEGAL!!

ICJ Ruling, International Court of Justice

JULY 9TH, 2004 --
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, despite intense pressure from Israel, the US and EU
Governments, confirms what Palestinians and the world have known since the beginning of its planning and construction – THE WALL
IS ILLEGAL! What follows is the last three pages of the official ruling, and a link to download the full text of the

This section contains all documents issued by the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign regarding International Law,
the International Court of Justice and the relevant UN resolutions including:

  • Press releases & Calls to Action
  • Fact Sheet
  • Analysis


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