An extensive PowerPoint presentation to download and use in your awareness raising events. It illustrates the racist separation and expulsion perpetrated by the Occupation all over Palestine and highlights how the Occupation's policies in the West Bank and Gaza are mirrored inside the Green Line.

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The Call for the Fifth Week Against the Apartheid Wall has been issued by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and its popular committees. It marks 60 years of our dispossession and our human quest for liberation.

We call on the world to take action from November 9 – 16 to raise awareness of the global silence and complicity with the occupation of our land and ethnic cleansing of our people and to join the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

A significant victory for the Palestinian BDS and anti-normalization movement and the call for Justice has been scored as the organizers of the “One Voice” concert in Jericho have cancelled the event.

Israeli Apartheid must not be rewarded by the OECD  

After two and a half years of steadfast resistance against the Wall and settlements, the people of Bil’in have been given a decision by the Occupation court to change the Wall’s path. It will be moved 500 metres from its current route, releasing some 1,100 dunum of land back to its owners.

Occupation forces today went on a spree of demolitions in the Jordan Valley, destroying four homes and two water tanks in Bardala, Sahel Libqeya, Frush Beit Dajan and Jiftlik.

The photographs taken at the scene today, below, vividly illustrate how the Occupation is attacking Palestinian lives and land.

The images of Palestinians continuing to build homes and schools show the resistance and resilience of the Palestinian people in defiance of the wreckers.

See below the logos against Apartheid Israel's membership in the OECD.

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Sample Letter to MPs (or where applicable MEPs)


I note with concern that Israel has been invited to engage in open accession discussions with a view to membership of the OECD. I do not believe that Israel can meet criteria set out in the Accession Process nor abide with the OECD Convention. As my representative in parliament I am asking you to open a debate on this subject and lobby our permanent representative on the OECD to vote against offering Israel membership.

This report is a summary of an extensive study on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement compiled by the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and to be published in 2007. In the report we consider the scope for the development of a global BDS activism which can work in accordance with the goals set out by Palestinians in their calls. We assess the various objectives of BDS initiatives and conclude with a framework of goals, priorities and aims to take such work forwards.

The continuing destruction of the Palestinian education system by Israeli occupation and apartheid is not only an attack on the lives of individuals but threatens the development of the whole of Palestinian society.

This fact sheet details the obstacles put in the way of Palestinian youth accessing educational facilities and obtaining education and knowledge that can contribute to them and their contribute to them and their people living in dignity and freedom.

The West Bank and Gaza are in disarray, constitutional chaos, contradicting authorities and cross accusations. Yet, as the tensions in the streets simmer down, the most surprising thing is that anybody out there in the world can be surprised at all. The foundations of what has happened in Gaza and the West Bank in the last weeks were laid long ago – and it was the Israeli occupation and the US and Europe who were the chief architects.

Hadidiya, a 20,000 dunum stretch of fertile lands in the Jordan Valley, is to be ethnically cleansed from its Palestinian inhabitants. On April 10, the Occupation courts have issued orders to 5 extended families living since generations in Hadidiye to leave the area before April 21 and their homes to be destroyed. An estimated 120 people out of the approximately 500 Bedouins living permanently in the area are to be turned refugees.




Hadidiya, a 20,000 dunum stretch of fertile lands in the Jordan Valley, is to be ethnically cleansed from its Palestinian inhabitants. On April 10, the Occupation courts have issued orders to 5 extended families living since generations in Hadidiye to leave the area before April 21 and their homes to be destroyed. An estimated 120 people out of the approximately 500 Bedouins living permanently in the area are to be turned refugees.

The situation on the ground:

Palestinians in our homeland and the diaspora remember the 30th of May as Land Day. On this day in 1976, six Palestinians were killed and a hundred injured by Israeli forces as Palestinians went on strike against a massive land confiscation scheme in the Galilee. Land theft and colonization continues in the Galilee, Naqab and the West Bank until today.

Since autumn 2006, the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign has organized seminars and tours with the students in 7 universities all over the West Bank.

The courses include lectures on the history of their struggle and the roots, aims and tactics of Zionism in implementing apartheid and expulsion policies in Palestine. Discussions about the role of students in the struggle from its beginnings until today lead into strategizing sessions on how to go ahead.

On the anniversary of the Six Nations Land Reclamation we express our solidarity to you and to all those that are defending today their land and livelihoods against theft and colonization.

Within the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948, the Palestinian minority and the Jewish majority generally live in separate areas. This geographical apartheid is clearest in the big cities where in some cases Palestinian neighbourhoods are separated from Jewish neighbourhoods by a walls and fences. This is only the more visible part of the structure of racist exclusion, discrimination and dispossession Israel is built upon - an intricate system of "Jewish first" or "Jewish only" allows the Zionist state to oppress and control the remaining Palestinian population.



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After two years of complete silence regarding the Wall, the UN Secretary-General is now proposing to create a register of damage done by the Apartheid Wall.The setting up of the register will in effect dismantle the ICJ decision and prevent its implementation.

The Israeli regime unleashes racist brutality that by far outstands the crimes of the previous apartheid regime in South Africa. It imprisons an entire people behind ghetto walls, kills them and submits them to an economic blockade that has brought communities to the verge of starvation. Yet, while exactly 30 years ago the UN General Assembly called for comprehensive sanctions against apartheid in South Africa, Palestinians are reminded on a daily basis that the Zionist Occupation can still count on the blindness of the world to its atrocities and crimes. Until when?

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Executive Summary

The recent report from the World Bank, An Update on Palestinian Movement, Access and Trade in the West Bank and Gaza, vividly illustrates the damage that is being done to Palestinian people and trade by the ongoing occupation. It further highlights the extent to which the World Bank is complicit with Israel's designs to enclose Palestinians behind the Apartheid Wall.

Bir Nabala is one of the Palestinian places in Jerusalem district whose mere existence is threatened by the Apartheid Wall choking life in the town.

***image1***Bir Nabala is situated northwest of Jerusalem and has been for centuries weaved into the social and cultural fabric of the Palestinian capital. With the illegal annexation of Jerusalem to the Occupation shortly after 1967, the Zionist regime carved Bir Nabala out of the “Greater Jerusalem” district that is to build a Jewish-only city and environment.

The last months clearly show that as a people under Occupation, we are the ones to pay the price in the latest round of war crimes in the Middle East. We pay for the success as well as the failures of the Zionist and US/European policies. We pay for the weaknesses as well as the determination of our own struggle. Likewise we pay for the support to our struggle, as well as the lack of solidarity. Amidst the bloodshed, the ghettos and the prison cells our beliefs remain united that the Zionist dream of a Palestine without Palestinians will not materialize.


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