November 9th: Popular Mobilization throughout the West Bank to Mark Day
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November 9th: Popular Mobilization throughout the West Bank to Mark Day

Throughout Palestine, communities affected by the Apartheid Wall–local councils, civil society organizations, political parties, youth groups, schools and universities, and the population at large–are coordinating a momentous week of activities beginning on November 9th for opposing the Israeli Apartheid Wall. The day is expected to witness a massive popular force that is to strengthen grassroots mobilization, which could turn November 9th into the beginning of the destruction of the Wall in Palestine.

In Palestine, November 9th is being marked by a week of activities whereby thousands of people will collectively resist Israel’s Apartheid policies through demonstrations, speaking events, grassroots meetings, and cultural activities. The week’s activities will begin on November 9th with a general strike from 12 pm to 2pm that will bring a halt to all economic activity. Throughout the West Bank districts including Qalqiliya, Tulkarem, Jenin, Salfit, Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem, there will be both central demonstrations in city centers and actions at the Wall. Communities living along the Wall’s path of devastation will protest at the Wall’s so-called gates and the Israeli attempts to expel them from their land.

Events will be powerful with slogans such as:
We Will Not Become Prisoners in Our Land
The Apartheid Wall = Expulsion
We Will Not Relive the 1948 Nakba! We Will Not
Relive Our Dispossession by the Hands of Israel

A protest and information tent will also be set up for the entire week of the 9th where publications, maps, a photo documentary exhibition, and cultural activities and lectures will take place. Local media and T.V. channels will be featuring announcements about the week of activities in Palestine as well as amplifying calls for participation against the Wall from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.

Actions of solidarity with the Palestinian mobilization on this day are being organized globally in some 40 cities, as efforts are being made at great length from all directions in Palestine to ensure that November 9th is not only a day of action, but a spark for stronger resistance to the Apartheid Wall.