List of Worldwide Activities for Nov 9th International Day Against the Wall!
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List of Worldwide Activities for Nov 9th International Day Against the Wall!

Below the growing list of worldwide activities taking place in solidarity with those here in Palestine for November 9th, International Day Against the Wall! The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign will be updating the list of worldwide events in this section from solidarity groups, organizations, and coalitions—so contact us to add your group’s events!

Click to view events worldwide on and around Nov 9th:

South Africa

Buenos Aires
On November 9th there will be a demonstration at 19:00 in front of the UN building in Buenos Aires. The demonstration is organized by the Union of Argentine-Arab Organizations (FEARAB) joined by the Argentina University Union and several human rights organizations. FEARAB has produced posters that are being placed city wide, and vast national-level media outreach is taking place. The demonstration will call: “No to Discrimination, No to the Apartheid Wall in Palestine!

For more information, contact Tamara Lalli at

Activists are coordinating a demonstration “Bring Down the Wall” at 12 noon, Sunday 9 November, at the steps of King George Square, Brisbane City. All are invited to attend and go through mock checkpoints to get to the rally!

In Australia’s national capital a massive demonstration is also being organized against the Wall on November 9th. The rally will be at 12 noon, Sin Garema Place, Canberry City. Australians for Justice and Peace(AJPP) in Palestine will be coordinating the event with a number of speaks—visit the AJPP website for details or contact ph. 0417 269 984.

Activists in Melbourne are building a mock Wall and plan to block sections of a busy street on November 9th, whereby pedestrians will have to pass through a “checkpoint” and be given information about the Israeli oppression experienced by the Palestinian people. Further, a protest is being organized in co-operation with the solidarity group “Friends of Palestine” and other local peace groups opposed to the war and occupation of Iraq. A local mosque, community members, and socialist activists will also take part.

For more information contact

The Greens Party, Socialist Alliance and Palestine solidarity groups are forming a coalition for a rally and speaking event on November 8th. During the event there will be speakers from the Labor Party, the Greens Party, and from Palestine.

For more information contact: Jamal Daoud

Women in Black-Vienna will hold a vigil with speeches, information material, banners and photographs on the wall. The group has thus far collected over 2,600 signatures on a petition against the Wall that was turned into the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

Human rights and Palestine solidarity groups in Bangladesh’s capital are organizing demonstrations.

Contact for more information.

Flanders and Brussels
Coalitions are working to launch a solidarity Campaign against the Wall, beginning on November 9th and ending the 29th by the Acti Platform Palestina (APP, a network of NGOs and justice groups) while Unie van Progressieve Joden in Belgie is organizing more events for the 9th. The APP coalition is going to develop and disseminate a booklet on the Wall, activist posters, and circulate a petition. On November 29, 2003 all of the Flemish groups will use a Wall replica to close off city streets in protest to the Wall.

Visit the AAP website or send an email to for more information.

Rio de Janeiro
Student activists at Rio de Janeiro State University are going setting up an exhibition of photos of the Intifada and the Wall in front of the Museum of the Republic in Rio on November 9th. In addition there will be poetry recited from Mahmoud Darwish and other Palestinian and Arab poets and a choral group singing while information is distributed about the meaning of this day of solidarity for the Palestinian liberation movement.

For more information contact: André Sena

On Nov. 15, the Calgary Coalition for Peace and Anti-Racism is hosting a Stop the Wall event. The groups will hand out leaflets and host an information table, chant and dance around a replica of the Wall. Palestinian tea (with Maramiya) and cookies will be served. People are asked to bring noisemakers. The event will be from 2 to 4 pm at Tomkins Park (8 Street at 17 Avenue SW).

For more information, contact:

Supported by: Calgary Coalition for Peace and Anti-Racism, Calgary Anti-Capitalist Collective, Food not Bombs, Women in Global Action, Palestinian Canadian Student Society.

On November 7 there will be a vigil against the construction of the Apartheid Wall organized by PAJU (Palestinian and Jewish Unity). This vigil, which has taken place every Friday since February 2001, will be followed by a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall and the Occupation on the corner of Peel Street and Rene Levesque Street in front of the Israeli consulate in Montréal. Weekly vigils will continue, sunshine or bitter cold, against the Occupation to mark the events third year anniversary on February 9, 2004.

For more information contact or visit the PAJU website.

The Solidarity For Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), in Ottawa, is organizing to display a replica of the Wall and an exhibition of photos and maps. The event, entitled “The Wall Must Fall”, will take place on the campuses of Ottawa University and Carleton University on Monday, Nov. 10. During the event, a petition will be available for people to sign, and information packages will be handed out.

To take part of this even or receive support organizing a similar event anywhere in Canada, please contact SPHR -Ottawa branch at 1.613.866.9808 or and visit the SPHR website.

On November 9th Artists Against the Occupation is organizing a mock Wall presentation to demand a stop to construction of the Apartheid Wall. The event will take place at 1pm in front of the Israeli Consulate, at the corner of Bloor and Avenue Road (St George Subway).

For more information email

In Vancouver, British Columbia members of Peace and Palestinian solidarity groups will take to the streets of Vancouver to mark the International Day of Protest Against the Wall. A mock Wall will be constructed on the street – displaying information, maps and facts about the Apartheid Wall. Sunday, Nov. 9, 12:30 – 3:00. Meeting place: Robson Street side of the Art Gallery.

For more information contact:

Events on the 9th of November against the Apartheid Wall will include: demonstrations in downtown areas (with the presence of parliamentarians) , an ecumenical mass in the Cathedral of Santiago, press conferences, posters and leaflets distribution on crowded points around town. Youth will organize conferences in several universities, with artistic and cultural performances.

Contact: Nancy Lolas at for specifics.

Also on the 9th in Santiago, there will be a massive demonstration against the Wall with stalls explaining the consequences of the Wall and the Israeli Occupation beginning at 4pm at the “Plaza Johan Sebastian Bach” (on “Parque Forestal”). Space will be give for groups in solidarity with Cuba, Venezuela, the FARC, and the Chilean ethnical group, the “mapuches”, that are in solidarity with Palestine. There will be several artists of diverse styles. Also Chilean actors and actress will participate between the groups.

Contact: Elisa Abedrapo at,,,

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is coordinating events throughout the UK to mark International Day Against the Wall. Below is information on PSC activities and demonstrations for various cities in England. Visit the PSC website for further information.
Activists from the PSC Bucks/Burks branch are planning a street activity in reading to highlight the Apartheid Wall to the British public. Call 01344-455607 for more info.

Camden Town
At 12 noon PSC member will assemble outside Sainsburys, Camaden Road, where they will march the streets to meet Jews for Justice at Jamestown Road. After congregating, the groups will do street theatre at Camden Lock and the vicinity, culminating in a symbolic Wall building and tearing down outside Mornington Crescent tube station at 1.30pm.

The newly formed Hull branch of PSC will hold a picket of Marks and Spencer on 8th November for Stop the Wall day.

The Leicester PSC branch is building a “Stop the Wall Stall” with a mock Wall for an action on Nov 8th to disseminate information and get postcard signatures against the Apartheid Wall. The event will be Leicester City Centre opposite Boots. On Nov 9th will be a theatre evening at the Phoenix showing of Jeremy Hardy vs. the Israeli military.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Just Peace UK and ISM (London) are coordinating to mount street theatre actions in central London depicting the Wall and checkpoints with floats, music, and leafleting.
Location and time for events are:
10:00 Golders
11:30 Camden Town – meet at Chalk
1:30 Covent Garden – meet at the corner of Long Acre and St Martin’s Square
3:00 Trafalgar Square
3:30 Finale of the Wall falling down at Trafalgar Square
Click here for maps of meeting locations.

More details available at, or

Later that evening Just Peace UK in association with Jews for Justice for Palestinians, Amos Trust and Verso Press are holding a meeting on “The Road Map – has it a future?” and “The politics of Israeli Settlements and the Wall” at London Middle East Institute at SOAS. Location: Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre , SOAS, Thornhaugh Street Russell Square, WC1H OXG.

See a list of speaks on the JfJfP website or phone 020 8952 5172 for further information.

For Nov. 9th people from a range of activist groups and organizations are coordinating a demonstration under the collective title THE WALL MUST FALL! Taking place from 1-3 pm at Market Street, the groups will erect mock Walls, upon which poetry and lyrics from songs of solidarity will be placed, and hold theater actions at “checkpoints” depicting the reality of soldiers checking IDs and detaining Palestinians. Under the slogan “It must fall! It must fall! We don’t want the racist wall!” demonstrators will disseminate information about the Wall and its atrocious impact on Palestinians.

The groups included are: Manchester Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, ISM, Red Pepper, CND, Jews For Justice For Palestinians, , Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, members of Manchester Peoples Assembly/Social Forum, Student Association Friends of Palestine, Manchester Anarchist Youth, Muslim Association of Britain.

The contact mail is

On November 8th activists from the Palestine Solidarity Committee will hold a vigil to commemorate the International Day Against the Apartheid Wall outside Sheffield Town Hall, 12-2 pm.

PSC-Wolverhampton will set-up a stall for leafleting in Queens Square, on Saturday 8th November from 12 pm onwards. Contact: Tel: 01902 450640 or e-mail

On Sunday 9th November, activists in York are planning to station people with flags and petitions at Bootham, Monkgate and Micklegate bars from 1.00pm-3pm and aim to bring the Wall and its consequences to the attention of York visitors by handing out leaflets, collecting signatures for our petition and of course flying the Palestinian flag. If you can join the action please met at the Friends Meeting House on Friargate at 12.45pm

On Saturday November 8th, Solidarité Palestine, les Femmes en Noir (Women in Black), Americans Against the War and other groups will demonstrate at the Fontaine des Innocents from 3 to 5 pm against the Wall of shame and annexation.

Also, from the beginning of November a minimum of 40 organizations in France will launch a solidarity campaign “Stop the Wall” through awareness mobilization using information and maps to inform people about the Wall’s implications on Palestine. With this awareness campaign the organizations will demand the European Union to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement in order to pressure the Israeli government into stopping the Wall.

This organizing will build up to the European Social Forum taking place from the 12th to the 15th of November. The France Palestine Solidarity Association (AFPS) will coordinate specific meetings and workshops about the Wall and how to organize against it during the Social Forum.

Palestine solidarity groups in Germany are forming an Action Committee for disseminating information about the Apartheid Wall and the mobilization against the Wall in Palestine. On October 26th, in solidarity with International Day Against the Wall, the Action Committee for hold events beginning at 1pm at Haus Böcklerpark, Prinzenstraße 1, 10969 Berlin, U-Prinzenstraße.

Contact for more information.

For the week leading up to November 9th the organizations ‘Stop The Occupation’ (Stop de Bezetting), ‘Palestinian Community in the Netherlands’ and the ‘Dutch Palestine Committee’ (Nederlands Palestina Komitee) will be coordinating the following activities in order to build momentum for a campaign of solidarity against the Apartheid Wall:

On Friday November 7th the groups will sponsor an advertisement in the Volkskrant (Dutch daily newspaper) calling for people to join a November 9th Anti-Wall manifestation with video projections, a photo exhibition, speeches and music from 14.00 – 17.00 at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

The Hague
On November 4th there will be a picket-line at the Parliament in the Hague calling upon the so-called Quartet and Dutch Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende to exert pressure on Israel to stop the Apartheid Wall.

On the same day in Rotterdam there will be a similar manifestation from 14.00 – 16.00 at the Schouwburgplein.

Furthermore, organizations are producing a Dutch publication “De Muur in Palestina” (“The Wall in Palestine”), 128 document which incorporates translations from much of the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s resources.

Visit the Dutch Palestine Committee or the Stop de Bezetting websites for more information. Email inquiries may also be sent to or

Icelanders that have recently witnessed the Wall and its consequences will be holding at meeting on Nov 9th with the Association Iceland-Palestine will be holding a meeting in the Nordic House, a cultural center in Reykjavik. The meeting started with the showing of the film “Ending Occupation: Voices for a Just Peace” (World Council of Churches) and will be followed by a series of speakers including residents from the local community and individuals who have visited Palestine.

Several Irish solidarity groups are organizing a human wall of silence and light down the premier shopping street of Dublin between 3.30-4.30. A tableau at the stop of the street will illustrate the impact of the wall on daily living with participants of all ages.

Medical students in Jakarta are mobilizing an action to draw attention to the Apartheid Wall for Nov 9th with the rest of the world. There will be petition signing, speaking, and coverage from national newspapers.

Movements, political parties, trade unions, grassroots and solidarity groups across Italy are organizing for a national demonstration against the Wall on November 8th under the slogans:



Visit the Palestine Forum website to learn who is organizing or send an email to to get involved.

Italy Action for Peace
The network Action for Peace is organizing meetings and initiatives in various cities in Italy in solidarity with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign and International Day Against the Wall. The dates for these events are:

Saturday, 8th of November, morning, Rome
Saturday 8th of November, evening, Milan
Sunday, 9th of November, whole day, Florence

There will be an Anti-Apartheid Wall action on November 9 in Osaka coordinated by the Palestine Forum/Peace for Palestine. Organizers will display a replica of the Wall, exhibit related pictures, and anti Wall screening/presentation. Location: in front of Osaka station, east side of bus terminal from 18:00 – 20:00.

For more information contact

A coalition of Japanese NGOs is rallying this Friday November 21, as part of the global movement to put an end to the Apartheid Wall. The twilight rally, to be held from 6:00pm – 8:30pm in Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Koen, Tokyo will feature video presentations, speakers, performances and messages from Palestinians and Israelis against the devastating effects of the Wall as well as their calls for a just peace.

For more information, contact:

Events agaisnt the Wall are being organized for the coming weeks. In Amman there will be an informal information session on the Wall as part of the Naqabat’s week-long Ramadan tent on Wed Nov 12, 8 pm at 3 Al-Naqabat, Shemisani.

The following week on Nov 19th there will be a formal lecture on the Apartheid Wall by an Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign representative/member of a community affected by the Wall. The event will begin at 8pm at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Amman. Books, CDs, posters, and more information on the Wall will be distributed.

Contact Mary Nazzal at for details on all events and organizing.

The Norwegian People’s Aid & Association of Norwegian NGO’s for Palestine is mobilizing demonstrations for solidarity on November 9th in several cities. Organizing has been building since the end of September 03 when the groups coordinated a weeklong events marking the third year of the Intifada in Oslo, Trondheim, and Kristiansand. More information will soon be posted for the coming events!

In several cities in Norway, activists from Ungdom For Fritt Palestina (the Youth for the Freedom of Palestine) will protest against the Israeli aggression and their racist government on the 9th of November.

Demonstration (Olypmic city 1994) Saturday 8th Nov: Stand in Storgata from 12-14,

To be called the most northern anti-wall demonstration! Saturday 8th Nov:
Demonstration at 12:30 on Stortorget

In Oslo, a Wall replica will be placed at Oslo Domkirke, the main church in the city, where after services end there will be an action to “tear down the Wall”.

In Stavenger, there will be a protest and speaking event under the title “Stop the Wall of Shame” at 1 pm at “Torvet”. Speeches will be given by local community members including a bishop, headmaster and member of the Labor party.

For more information visit

Medical professionals and students, health workers, development activists and international delegates from Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas assembled in Manila and are extending their solidarity to the people of Palestine. As participants at the International Conference on Health Challenges amidst Globalization and War, groups are expressing solidarity with Palestinians in their struggle against the wall and in particular to all health and medical workers who are forced to work under the reality of Israeli closures and patients who are deprived of treatment and/or emergencies because of the Occupation. Organizers are building a Wall replica to symbolically demolish on Nov 9th, participants include workers from the Council for Health and Development (Philippines), People’s Health Movement, International People’s Health Council, Medical Aid for the Third World, International League of Peoples’ Struggles, and Asian Pacific Resource and Research Center for Women.

Activists in Wroclaw are organizing a protest against the Wall in the center of town. The demonstration will begin at 3:30 Swidnicka Street nearby Town-Hall.

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is organizing an event against the Apartheid Wall on November 9th where activists will build a Wall (20 m long and 3 m high) to block the Royal mile in Edinburgh. There will be street theatre groups posing as Israeli soldiers and Palestinians to demonstrate the horrid reality of Israel’s Occupation. Politicians and the media will be in attending the event and at the end the public will be asked to knock the Apartheid Wall down. The event begins at 2pm at the Royal Mile, opposite City Chambers.

Visit the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign website or send an E-mail to for more info.

Cape Town
Activities in South Africa are organizing two events in Cape Town for November 9th. The Palestine Solidarity Group is organizing a showing of the PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign PowerPoint presentation with banner and mock Wall making taking place, this will begin at 11am at Community House, Salt River. Thereafter at 2pm, activities will protest at Greenpoint Market, a busy tourist destination.

Also on November 9th, the Anti-War Coalition and Anti-Eviction Campaign is coordinating Khayelitsha day of action and awareness against the Wall and anti-terrorism laws in the Andile Nhose Community Centre.

Contact and for more information.

Over 34 Spanish organizations are forming a coalition to take national action against the Wall. On November 9th the coalition is organizing a demonstration and thereafter they are launching a solidarity campaign against the Wall which will include a “traveling” exhibition featuring PENGON/Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign photos and information on the Apartheid Wall and its affect on communities.

***image3***Organizations in the coalition include: ACPP, ACSUR Las Segovias, Federación de Derechos Humanos, IEPALA, IPADE, MPDL, PTM, SI, CEAR, ISCOD, Fundación Paz y Solidaridad, Economistas Sin Fronteras, Foro Social de Madrid, Paz Ahora, Paz Con Dignidad, Mujeres de Negro, Asamblea Antimilitarista-MOC, Solidarios para el Desarrollo, SODEPAZ, OSPAAAL, Bibliotecarios por la Paz, Plataforma en Defensa de la Sanidad Pública, UGT, CCOO, Unión Sindical Obrera, Plataforma por los Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres, Ecologistas en Acción, Médicos del Mundo, Servicio Civil Internacional, SOTERMUN, Asociación Hispano-Palestina Jerusalén, Confederación de STES – Intersindical, Espacio Alternativo.

Nov. 10th. Conference on the Wall at the Universidad de Alicante.

Demonstration November 9. On Nov. 21, a conference on the Wall will be held in the city. The Wall Exhibit will be coming to Barcelone in the near future as well.

A demonstration on November 9 will take place and the Wall Exhibition will be in the city following the Madrid exhibit.

On November 8 demonstration will take place at 7 pm in “La Puerta del Sol” in Madrid, which will include performances and the building of a mock wall and checkpoints. Follow-up to the demonstration will take place on Nov. 27 with a press conference followed the next day by the inauguration of the Wall Exhibition.

November 9 demonstration.

Contact for more information.

The Palestine Solidarity Association in Sweden (PGS) is arranging evens in Stockholm’s center for November 9th to disseminate information about the Apartheid Wall and set-up a photo exhibition. PGS is also organizing demonstrations and events across Sweden.

For more information visit the PGS website or email

Syrian organizations are coordinating with Palestinian groups to demonstrate and take a letter to the European Commission Embassy on Nov 9th demanding intervention in stopping and tearing down the Wall in Palestine.

US Campaign to End the Occupation
The US Campaign to End the Occupation, a coalition of over thirty organizations in the US working for justice in Palestine, has made a national call for actions on November 9th in solidarity with the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.

For information about the US Campaign to End the Occupation and their organizing for November 9th click here.

On November 9th there will be an event to increase local awareness to the Apartheid Wall in Palestine and mar the 15th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Participants are asked to bring something comfortable to sit on and all interested friends. It will be held at 12 noon at the Petroglyphs Nat’l Monument Visitor’s Ctr. Please meet at the visitor’s center. Please call 505-319-7036 or email for more information.

Ann Arbor
A coalition of various groups in Ann Arbor are joining in the International Week of Action to raise our voices in protest against the construction of Israel’s Apartheid Wall. A number of events are scheduled Nov. 8 thru 14 to educate and increase public awareness of the Apartheid Wall. On Nov. 9, there will be a “Stop the Wall” march at Liberty Plaza at 1:00 pm and rally at 2 pm with speakers and a replica of the wall. Some groups participating in the coalition are Women in Black, Jewish Witnesses for Peace, Interfaith Council for Peace & Justice Middle East Task Force, Ann Arbor Friends Meeting Palestine-Israel Action Group, UUs for Justice in the Middle East. For more information, contact

Students for Justice in Palestine at Indiana University in Bloomington are organizing a dynamic week of activities in support of International Day Against the Wall. The following is a list of scheduled activities with more to come!

Nov. 9, 5:00pm: SJP will be protesting the Apartheid Wall by erecting a Wall replica on the Monroe County Courthouse lawn.
Nov. 11, 7:00pm: There will be a general interest meeting held in the Oak Room at the Indiana Memorial Union.
Nov. 18, 7:00pm: There will be guest speaker who is a board member of JUNITY (Jewish Unity for a Just Peace)
Nov. 21, 7:00pm: Tribute to Edward Said. We will be viewing a video on the life on one of Palestine’s greatest voices for peace at Boxcar Books. (310A S. Washington)

For information and updates on events email

A coalition of various groups is planning events for the entire week of November 9th. The coalition is constructing a 10 foot by 22 foot wall on which will be placed enlarged photos of the actual structure and text documenting its destructive path in Palestine. There will be a major rally in Boston’s Copley Square on November 9 (noon to 2) followed by a presence at a different locations in the city and surrounding towns for each day during the week.

There will also be two forums on the Wall — one at Boston University Law School on November 14, and the other in the First Church of Cambridge on November 16.

A complete schedule can be obtained at

There will be a street theater action against the Wall, 12:00noon, November 13, Outside the Student Union, State University of New York at Buffalo, North Campus. There venet is Co-Sponsored by the Organization of Arab Students at SUNY Buffalo; Muslim Student Association at SUNY Buffalo; Western New York Peace Center Task Force for a Peaceful Resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

A coalition of organizations in Chicago will join the day worldwide solidarity with Palestine on November 9 to amplify the call Stop the Wall! Beginning at noon at 30 N. Michigan Ave. (Watertower Park, Chicago), there will be street theatre and a mock checkpoint and Wall with a march at 1pm following. The march will lead to Advocacy Buffet, St. James Episcopal Cathedral, 65 E. Huron Ave., where there will be discussions and guest speakers.

For more information or call: Middle East Program, AFSC, 312-427-2533 x18

Sponsors of this event include: American Friends Service Committee, Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, Arab American Action Network, Not in My Name, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Granada Muslims and Jews for Human Rights, ISM- Chicago chapter, Northern Illinois Chapter/Churches for Middle East Peace, Southwest Youth Collaborative, SUSTAIN.

On November 10 students at Goshen College in Indiana will be doing an action to protest the building of the Wall in the West Bank. They will hang a banner to represent the Wall and block campus passage through locking bikes together. This will be followed by an action on Wednesday, November 12 when they will have a symbolic “taking-down” of the Wall.

A coalition of organizations is holding an event and speakers forum on November 9th in Hartoford as part of the stop the Wall global momentum. Sponsors include: Al –Awda, American Friends Service Committee, CT Green Party, Jews for Peace, Middle East Crisis Committee, Middle East Discussion group , and “We Refuse to Be Enemies Coalition-Muslims, Jews, Christians, humanists working together”, all invited to participate.

Contact 860-575-9777 or 860-523-1534 or 203-934-276 for more information.

A march will commence from the Federal Building in Kalamazoo, MI. at 1 p. m. on Sunday November 9 and proceed to Bronson Park. Several groups will converge and hold a one hour vigil. The groups represent the Kalamazoo Nonviolent Opponents to War (KNOW), Kalamazoo Islamic Center, Kalamazoo Interfaith Coalition for Peace and Justice, Kalamazoo chapter of ADC, Women In Black, and Code Pink, will all participate in speeches, music and for a symbolic tearing down of a structure mock 8ftx28ft Wall.

Kansas City
On Nov 9th at 3 PM Women (and men) in Black will meet at the Country Club Plaza at the Plaza fountain in order to hold a vigil in at the time of worldwide actions against the Apartheid Wall. Please wear black or very dark gray and bring something to sit on the ground. The event will pass as a silence vigil with though literature will be handed out; the event will end at 4PM with the goal of participation with the International Day Against the Wall.

Los Angeles
On November 9th a coalition of organizations, under the title “Bring Down the Wall Committee”, is holding a demonstration in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park with a mock wall where photos of the Apartheid Wall will be mounted.

The coalition is sponsored by the Palestine Aid Society and Women in Black-Los Angeles and Palestine Aid Society and endorsed by: ANSWER Coalition, Café Intifada, the Coalition for World Peace, International Action Center, National Lawyers Guild, Palestinian American Congress, Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Union of Palestinian-American Women and The Writing Empowerment Project.

For information send an email to

New Orleans
NOLA Palestine Solidarity (NOLAPS), a diverse coalition of New Orleans residents in solidarity with the people of Palestine, will have a demonstration with street theater on November 9, to bring attention to Israel’s Apartheid Wall and amplify the call “No to racism! Yes to a just peace in the Middle East!”. The event will be at Audobon Park, at the entrance on St Charles and include For more information and directions, write to: Adam Wilson at

New York
In solidarity with the people of Palestine, New Yorkers join a worldwide day of actions in protest of the construction of the apartheid wall by the Israeli government in the Occupied West Bank. On The 9th of Nov. activists will gather in mid-town Manhattan with a visual display — three extensive pieces of fabric representing the Wall — and handing out flyers. They will continue to rove the area demanding an end to the Apartheid Wall and will regroup at 2:30/3pm at Bryant Park 6th Avenue between 40th and 42nd St. At Bryant Park, there will be long paper “Walls” on which the public can write any expression about the Wall, there will also be a public discussion. On the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, activists will be calling “We remember the power of resistance to bring down walls!”

The action begins at Button and Needle Sculpture, Corner of 7th Avenue and 40th Street, contact Jews Against the Occupation at for more information.

The Stop the Wall Philadelphia Working Group is planning a number of events for the week of 9-16 of November. There will be two educational events, 2 street theater/protest events, and one cultural/fundraiser event for mobilization against the Wall. This is in addition to networking with media outlets and writing op-eds throughout the week.

Contact for more information.

On Friday, November 7, the Portland Women in Black will focus on The Wall at their weekly noon vigil in downtown Portland. Also on Friday, November 7, at 5:00 PM, the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will focus on The Wall in their weekly Rally and March at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland.

San Francisco
***image4***“The Wall Must Fall”: The Bay Area Coalition Against the Wall
The Bay Area Coalition Against the Wall invites all to raise their voice against Israel’s Apartheid Wall in Palestine and its Racist Policies and join in the calls “Demand an End to Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinian Land, Demolition of Homes, and the Forced Separation of Families” and “Stop US Taxpayer Funding of Israel’s Atrocities!”

The event is scheduled for Nov 9th at Washington Square Park San Francisco (Stockton and Union). It will commence at 11 and include a number of dynamic activites such as Theater, Song, Folkloric Dance, and Words of Resistance as well as Outreach and Art Exhibition. Come and see the Wall for yourself!

The Bay Area Coalition Against the Wall includes: Al-Awda-SF, ADC SF, Bay Area Justice in Palestine Coalition, Global Exchange, GUPS, Marin Peace and Justice Coalition, National Lawyers Guild, QUIT!, SUSTAIN, Vukani Mawethu, NOR-CAL ISM, MECA, NION, JVP, Presente and many more.

For more information contact

US National Bus Tour Against the Occupation
Middle East Children’s Alliance, Voices in the Wilderness, Al-Awda and affiliates of ISM have organized a national US bus tour to campaign against occupation, and the violation of human right in Palestine and Iraq. Part of this 6 month bus tour is campaign against the Wall. The Bus will carry a replica of the Wall and fact sheets about the Wall and its implications. This info along with eyewitness accounts of the situation in Iraq and Palestine, will be distributed as the bus makes its way across the US.

For more information please contact Uda Walker at Middle East Children’s Alliance:

Over a dozen organizations and local activits have joined to hold a rally from 2 – 3 pm in Westlake Park in downtown Seattle on November 9th. A life-size replica of the Wall will be displayed as well as other symbolic displays to illustrate the latest assault by the Occupation.

Washington D.C.
DC Palestine Solidarity is mobilizing for a massive rally against the Apartheid Wall on November 9th on the DC National Mall with the call “Let’s Bring Israel’s Apartheid Wall Down!” The event will involve a number of activities, organizers are building a 25 foot Wall replica and local organizations are setting up an educational tent with tables. Additionally, there are plans for a slide show in the tent of the Apartheid Wall and a local group will sing national Palestinian songs.

Join activists at the corner of 14th Street and Constitution Avenue on the National Mall between 12:30 and 2:00 p.m. on November 9th for the event or contact Visit the DC Palestine Solidarity website for more information on the network and their events.

* DC Palestine Solidarity is made up of ADC DC (DC Area Chapter of American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee), Al-Awda DC (DC Chapter of the Palestine Right of Return Coalition), AMJ (American Muslims for Jerusalem), BVFP (Black Voices for Peace), JPPI (Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel), NAAP (National Association of Arab-American Professionals), SJP AU (Students for Justice in Palestine at American University), SJP GU (Students for Justice in Palestine at Georgetown University), SJP GWU (Students for Justice in Palestine at George Washington University), SJP UMD (Students for Justice in Palestine at the University of Maryland) and SUSTAIN (Stop US Tax-Funded Aid to Israel Now).

The Welsh network of the broad based UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is organizing numerous demonstrations and protest events against the Apartheid Wall around Wales on 9th November. The following events are planned while more are being finalized!

Abergavenny Town Hall, Sunday 9th November at 6.00pm
Solidarity – Silent Vigil with candles and posters
Contact/Information: Rod Walters (01873) 854 404 / Katrina Gass (01873) 855 760

Town centre, Saturday 8th November 2003
Contact Alec and Susanne (, or Lydia
Bulmer 0781 307 9583

Monday November 10th 1.00pm there will be an event at the High Street Clock
Contact: Phil Steele (01248) 490 715

Sunday 9th November 2003, 12 noon at Nye Bevan Statue. Queen St.
Vigil and protest and Cor Cochion Caerdydd will be singing.

For more information see: or email

Please send information on your organization’s events in solidarity with International Day Against the Wall on November 9th to so we can post your actions!

See the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s downloadable Activist Resources for November 9th!