Rutgers University Stands Against the Apartheid Wall
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Rutgers University Stands Against the Apartheid Wall

On Monday, November 17, 2003, in solidarity with Palestinian mobilization and international organizing against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, activists on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey constructed a mock Wall, and demonstrated for a Free Palestine. The mock Wall, after standing for the entire day, was eventually torn down by demonstrators and students in a symbolic and passionate gesture against Israeli Apartheid and Occupation.

***image2***Made from silver dry-wall, the mock Wall was built to draw attention to the Israeli Wall ripping through Palestinian land and lives. Powerful slogans and graffiti covered the mock Wall, demanding, “End Zionist Apartheid, Tear the Wall Down Now!” and emphasizing “US Tax $$ Fund Occupation” In the background, a visually stunning Palestinian flag hung with the words “Free Palestine” emblazoned across it with a bloody fist. A mock coffin draped with a Palestinian flag added yet another strong statement to the demonstration, in honor and symbolism of all Palestinians who have lost their lives to the horror of Occupation, ethnic cleansing and Apartheid.

White sheets strung along the stairs of Brower Commons provided passers-by with an outlet to write slogans, draw pictures, flags and other creative expressions of solidarity with Palestinian mobilization for freedom. Many people adorned the sheets with messages denouncing the Apartheid Wall and demanding it be dismantled immediately.

The day was also full of educational and networking opportunities as activists distributed more than one thousand informational flyers to students and other passers-by, collected signatures for the ongoing Rutgers Campaign for Divestment from Israeli Apartheid and engaged in active discussion about the Apartheid Wall, the Occupation, right of return for Palestinian refugees and the ‘unique’ relationship between Israel and the United States specifically as it relates to funding and militarization. The moving sounds of Palestinian and Arab nationalist music provided a spirited backdrop for the event.



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