Land destruction and demolitions speed up for the Wall’s path
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Land destruction and demolitions speed up for the Wall’s path

Abu Dis, Jerusalem
***image1***On February 24th, The Israeli Occupation forces demolished yet another family home for the Wall’s path in Sawahreh. The house belonged to Jamil Shqierat, who besides losing his home was served a thousands of Shekel fine for building a house without a license from the Occupation municipality. Shqierat’s home was built in an area between Swahreh Sharqiya and Swahreh Gharbiya where the Wall will separate the two villages from each other. Besides Shqierat’s home three other homes in the same area have been issued demolition orders, while tens of other houses are threatened with demolition. In the past few months the Campaign has learned of at least 6 houses that have been demolished to make way for the Wall’s path in south east Jerusalem.

North West Jerusalem, South West Ramallah
The Occupation forces started yesterday clearing land for the Wall’s path in Beit Surik north west of Jerusalem. The people of Beit Surik are determined not to let the Wall be built on their lands, and are now gathering daily to sit in their fields. Tens of soldiers have surround the village, to ensure the bulldozers are able to continue their work, and are beating villagers who attempt to resist and using tear gas to try and disperse them. Palestinians have responded by throwing stones. Ten villagers were reported injured, and one man, Mustafa Husni –a second year college student- was arrested.

***image3***The Wall’s construction in Beit Surik will confiscate 350 dunums of village land, and will isolate another 6100 dunums of prime agricultural land behind it. The farmers of Beit Surik grow mostly plums, almonds and olives, and the village is one of the main exporters of plums to rest of the West Bank. The final completion of the Wall will leave Beit Surik with virtually no land left to farm, once again destroying the livelihood of an entire community.

Clearing lands for the Wall’s path is also taking place in the villages of Beit Sira, and Beit Liqya, south west of Ramallah. In a single day 100 trees were uprooted for the Wall’s path on the southern side of Beit Sira. After confrontations with Palestinian farmers trying to stop the bulldozers from destroying their lands, the Occupation contractors moved yesterday to another site between Beit Liqya and Beit Sira, as well as to the eastern side of Beit Liqya. This is a calculated attempt to split the construction efforts, thereby limiting the number of Palestinians able to gather and protest the destruction. The same happened after Tuesday’s clashes in Beit Surik, where shortly after the bulldozers were moved to start work on lands in the neighboring villages of, Qattana, Biddu, and Beit Ijza.