Weekly Anti-Wall Protest Update

Ni’lin: Several cases of fainting as a result of asphyxiation from tear gas during the weekly demonstration On Friday, the residents of Ni’lin launched their weekly demonstration after praying under village olive trees, marking their continued refusal to abandon their land. Demonstrators set off towards the Wall accompanied by a number of solidarity activists raising […]

The Wall will fall in Ni’lin!

***image2***More than 200 protesters attended the weekly Friday demonstration against the apartheid wall in Ni’lin today. Sheikh Salah Mohammad Tayeh lead the prayer which traditionally marks the start of the Friday demonstration. He spoke about the importance of popular struggle and resistance for the liberation of Palestine. Furthermore, in the light of the 82nd anniversary […]

Bili’n villagers burn Occupation products in support of boycott

Villagers in Bil’in (west Ramallah district) burnt Occupation products during their weekly demonstration on the 21st of April, declaring their support for the internal boycott movement. Vowing to use only locally manufactured products, the villagers showed how Palestinians can break dependency on the Occupation’s economy, and revive the strategies of the First Intifada in the […]

Aboud Actions Against Apartheid Wall Gather Pace

***image2***Aboud village has been the site of increasingly large demonstrations since the local grassroots committee against the Wall declared every Friday a day of popular activities. On Friday the 25th of November, a demonstration of around 700 villagers revealed the unity and determination of Aboud to halt the Apartheid Wall project that will isolate 5830 […]