After 8 Months and Resistance: New Destruction for the Apartheid Wall in Budrus
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After 8 Months and Resistance: New Destruction for the Apartheid Wall in Budrus

***image2***Occupation Forces have begun destroying portions of the village of Budrus, located in the northwest side of Ramallah District, in order to continue building the Apartheid Wall after having ceased “its work” in the area for the past 8 months, due to the popular resistance of the Budrus residents.

Budrus village, with a population of 1200, will find the Apartheid Wall encircling it from the north, west, and south, reaching Ni’ilin and Al Midya villages which are to the south of Budrus. In addition, another section of the Apartheid Wall will be completed in the east and will encircle these villages along with the villages of Qibya, Deir Qaddis, Rantis from the east, isolating them from Ramallah.

Occupation Forces are currently destroying Budrus in its southwest side, threatening 30 dunums which was left from Budrus lands after the Nakba, as the most fertile lands planted with olive trees are all located in the southern part of the village. In the northwest the Apartheid Wall has been completed.

Above: The Apartheid Wall, in red and in blue, will make life in the trapped communities near impossible. See the complete map here.

The village of Budrus is located along the Green Line and its lands have been confiscated and destroyed previously by the Occupation. The residents of Budrus know the Wall will be the third Nakba, after 1948 and 1967, forcing them into a massive prison and encircling them, ravaging the lands and trees and leaving the people of Budrus without any source of living. The people of Budrus believe that they have nothing left to lose and will therefore continue their resistance against this Apartheid Wall, just as they had done in the north of the village, when they had put a stop to the building of the Apartheid Wall for the past 8 months.