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Building of the Apartheid Wall Continues in Budrus, as does the Popular Resistance

***image2***Occupation Forces are continuing to build and destroy for the Apartheid Wall in Budrus village, situated in northwest Ramallah District, currently laying the groundwork in various parts of the village’s west side, while in the south continuing the area’s ruin as of last month’s commencement in those parts. The popular resistance in Budrus continues despite […]

After 8 Months and Resistance: New Destruction for the Apartheid Wall in Budrus

***image2***Occupation Forces have begun destroying portions of the village of Budrus, located in the northwest side of Ramallah District, in order to continue building the Apartheid Wall after having ceased “its work” in the area for the past 8 months, due to the popular resistance of the Budrus residents. Budrus village, with a population of […]