Fifteen Thousand in Rome against the Apartheid Wall and for Sanctions on Israel!
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Fifteen Thousand in Rome against the Apartheid Wall and for Sanctions on Israel!

***image6***During the International Week against the Apartheid Wall, in various parts of Italy, initiatives took place, beginning with a rally in front of the regional TV station in the south of Italy, denouncing the lack of information and disinformation given by the Italian media regarding the Occupation in Palestine and the Israeli crimes committed. Demonstrators called on the population to boycott Israeli goods.

In Pisa, activists held a seminar on Israeli Apartheid.

The main focus was on the national demonstration where, on Saturday, 13th of November, the rainy streets of Rome were filled with slogans in support of Palestinian rights and the Intifada. The protest against the Apartheid Wall demanded for its immediate dismantling.

The 15 thousand strong demonstration was led by the Palestinian community living in Italy and co-organized by left wing parties and dozens of grassroots groups. Demonstrators gathered from all across Italy to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and pay homage to Yasser Arafat.

The slogans against the Apartheid Wall were accompanied by calls for an end to the Occupation and the implementation of the Right of Return. Palestinian and Iraqi flags were raised together, highlighting the devastation to lives and land under occupation. The ongoing massacre in Falluja as well as the Occupation in Iraq would not be forgotten.

Finally, the clear and concrete message of the demonstration’s organizers was obvious and strong throughout, a message to the Italian and European Governments: Suspend the EU-Israel Trade Association Agreement and place sanctions on Israel as long as it does not respect International Law!