Copenhagen calls for sanctions for Israel as Apartheid Wall expands
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Copenhagen calls for sanctions for Israel as Apartheid Wall expands

***image2***“Break down the Wall” and “Bring sanctions to Israel”. Those were the demands ringing out in the streets of Copenhagen on Friday the 25th of February as Palestinian solidarity campaigners constructed their own 8 metre high Apartheid Wall. The Wall gave locals some sense of what the reality of Israeli occupation looks like in downtown Copenhagen.

The Break down the Wall initiative in Denmark placed information on the Wall about the destructive effects it is having on Palestinian lives and asked people passing by to express their own opinions with graffiti. Signatures calling for sanctions were collected from the residents of Copenhagen to pressure the Danish government into pursuing effective measures to force Israel to tear down the Apartheid Wall and end its occupation and apartheid policies.

Palestinian solidarity campaigners have become increasingly vocal for international pressure to force Israel to abide by international law, as set out by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague last year, and tear down the Wall which continues to expand with every day. Sanctions and boycotts are called for in order to bring pressure on Israel to halt the implementation of a forced system of apartheid on the Palestinians.

Activists continue to stress the intrinsic part the Wall plays for the colonization of the West Bank, and condemn attempts by Israel to disguise its activities under the discourse of some kind of “disengagement” or “peace process”. The propaganda of the mainstream media about “new opportunities of peace and dialogue” is not fooling campaigners around the world in their understanding that Israel aims to continue the de-facto occupation in order to continue its colonial project. Meanwhile, the plight of Palestinians deteriorates day after day.

Only ongoing mobilization on an international level and continued calls for the isolation of Israel are effective strategies to support the Palestinian struggle against Israeli Occupation and Apartheid.

The Wall is already 245 kms long and maps released this week show that upon completion, and with the planned and existing network of settler-only bypass roads and security zones, Israel aims to colonize 47% of the West Bank. Upon completion Palestinians will be imprisoned into 3 cantons and then a smaller series of mini-cantons. For the map and more information please press here.