BDS Newsletter #16 – June 2009

BDS NEWSLETTER Edition: 16 – June, 2009 CORPORATE NEWS Derail Veolia/Alstom victories! Several victories occurred this month, as the Derail Veolia/Alstom campaign makes progress. Early in the month, it was reported that French transport giant Veolia will abandon the light rail project that will connect Jerusalem with several illegal Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land. […]

Australian activists mobilize for Max Brenner boycott

As part of the growing international BDS movement, Palestine solidarity activists in Sydney have launched a campaign targeting Max Brenner Chocolates, a 100% Israeli-owned company belonging to the Strauss Group, the second-largest Israeli food and beverage company. Strauss is especially vocal about its support for the Occupation military, and supplies several units with products. On […]

Leviev boycott moves forward with action in the UK and NYC

Palestine solidarity organization Adalah-NY was recently involved in two actions against Lev Leviev, the Israeli diamond magnate and construction mogul. The first action called on the British government to reverse its plan to rent its new embassy in Tel Aviv from Leviev’s company, Africa-Israel, as dealings with Leviev serve to condone the Occupation’s settlement construction […]

Bili’n villagers burn Occupation products in support of boycott

Villagers in Bil’in (west Ramallah district) burnt Occupation products during their weekly demonstration on the 21st of April, declaring their support for the internal boycott movement. Vowing to use only locally manufactured products, the villagers showed how Palestinians can break dependency on the Occupation’s economy, and revive the strategies of the First Intifada in the […]

Challenging Tramways of Apartheid – Swiss activists block Connex shuttle run

Swiss activists from Collectif Urgence Palestine stepped up their campaign against Connex, undertaking direct action against the company which supports the racist and Apartheid policies of the Occupation. Interrupting the operation of a Connex operated shuttle, protestors showed the way in boycotting Connex and challenging it’s profiteering from Israeli Apartheid. Connex successfully won a tender […]