Call for Action On the One Year Anniversary of the ICJ
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Call for Action On the One Year Anniversary of the ICJ

***image2***As the Apartheid Wall continues to imprison the Palestinian people in ghettos and to steal and raze their land, the 9th of July will see massive popular resistance to the Apartheid Wall staged by the Campaign’s popular committees across Palestine.

Yet, the 9th of July is also a date that calls for global solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for liberation and justice and for pressure to implement the ICJ ruling. The Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign calls on solidarity groups and organizations the world over to mobilize on July 9th around the slogans:

    The Apartheid Wall needs to be torn down now!

    International support for Apartheid Israel needs to stop now!

The Campaign will mark the one year anniversary with the launch of a new report: Do-it-yourself Apartheid – Israel, the World Bank and the “development” of the Palestinian ghettos. It highlights how the international community, and specifically the World Bank, has outlined a comprehensive strategy and action plan that maintains and develops the Israeli apartheid infrastructure. Such plans are now guiding the discourse and “development projects” of major donors and threaten the permanent expulsion of the Palestinian people from their lands.

It is crucial to initiate a global debate around the World Bank’s plans and direct international financial support for Israel’s project of apartheid and expulsion of the Palestinian people. Such a project has so far passed with minimal political or media attention.

We are calling upon all solidarity groups to organize presentations of the book in their own cities and countries.

We are currently coordinating events for July 9th around the world, based around the new publication and the call for the implementation of the ICJ decision to tear down the Wall. To raise the profile of the 9th of July, and in solidarity with the mass mobilization throughout Palestine, we ask for your support to make activities across the globe a success.

Let us know as soon as possible if you are to present the latest Campaign report in your city – we will send you further information and ensure the publication can be in your city in time for you to organize a successful event.

    Inform us about any event you are planning!

    It is the local actions that form the global movement to stop Israeli Apartheid!

Please e-mail to get involved and keep checking the site for updates. Apartheid can never survive without international support!

Click here to read the full Call for Action for the 9th of July

Click here to download the Call in high-quality A5 leaflet form.

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