The People of Latin America Support the Palestinian Call to Isolate Apartheid Israel and Demand for Political Action!
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The People of Latin America Support the Palestinian Call to Isolate Apartheid Israel and Demand for Political Action!

In three major Latin American countries —Brazil, Argentina and Chile—people have shown their support to the Palestinian struggle. They joined the mass mobilization to resist the Apartheid Wall that took place across Palestine on the days around the anniversary of the ICJ decision.


The efforts of the Palestinian diaspora and many solidarity groups in Brazil are clearly bearing fruit, particularly after this year’s World Social Forum in Porto Alegre. In its annual Congress, The ANDES (Associação Nacional dos Docentes do Ensino Superior, Brasil / University Teachers´ National Union) expressed its support to the Palestinian summon for boycott, divestment and sanctions and called for the implementation of all the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.
It is of critical importance that unions of university teachers are taking up the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation and apartheid, as these teachers play key roles in shaping national discourse through the minds and actions of future generations. Their influence in communicating ideas of boycott, divestment and sanctions and their capacity to take the first steps towards extending the academic boycott to Latin America are important contributions to the ever growing movement to isolate apartheid Israel.


The 9th of July marks an important date for the people of Argentina as well, commemorating the liberation movement’s victory against Spanish colonialism. In remembrance of this struggle and to remind the Argentinean government about their own legislation affirming that no “reconciliation” measures can ever elude the just punishment of crimes condemned by international law, a resolution to the Argentinean Parliament was made by the MP and President of the PRD Party (Partido de la Revolución Democrática) asking the Argentinean government to condemn the Apartheid Wall.
At the same time, members of civil society—led by the Movimiento por la Paz, la Soberanía y la Solidaridad entre los Pueblos (MOPASSOL) -Movement for Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity between People—launched a call in support of the struggle of the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign.


In Santiago, activists took advantage of anti-G8 protests to distribute leaflets that detail the role of the hegemonic players in the colonisation of Palestine and the expulsion of its people. Conference sessions on Palestine at the G8 presented the stark reality of daily life under the intensifying apartheid regime and the devastating consequences of the construction of the Apartheid Wall for farmers. A conference participant also drew attention to the role of the G8 and World Bank in sustaining Israeli Apartheid.

The 9th of July has been another instance for activists and civil society organizations throughout Latin America to take up the calls from the Palestinian people. Solidarity with the resistance of the Palestinian people against the Israeli project of apartheid and expulsion in Chile arises out of the traumatic memory and reality of the people’s struggles against brutal dictatorship and neocolonialist exploitation. Effective forms of solidarity are discussed and promoted towards a truly global movement to isolate apartheid Israel.