The Destruction in Palestine continues:UN remains idle on international Day of Solidarity
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The Destruction in Palestine continues:UN remains idle on international Day of Solidarity

***image2***Today, the 29th of November – the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people marked by the UN – the Occupation continued its trail of destruction in Palestine carrying out demolitions for the Apartheid Wall in Dahiet al-Barid (Jerusalem). 181 kilometers of the eight-meter high concrete structure are close to completion in Jerusalem. Snaking around Palestinian communities, the Wall shuts Palestinians out of their city and squeezes them into unbearable ghettos. Such suffocating ghettoization penetrates every corner of the West Bank as Palestinians are cleansed from their lands.

Occupation bulldozers began uprooting in the southern part of Dahiet al-Barid at 7 am on Monday the 28th of November. To facilitate the path of the Apartheid Wall, Palestinian property was attacked and demolished so that the Wall can imprison Palestinians a few meters from their houses. Olive trees were demolished; a store belonging to Abed Alkareem Muqbel was destroyed and gardens were left isolated behind the Wall path.

This part of the Wall in Jerusalem, starts from south of Dahiet where the Neve Ya’acov settlement is located and will cut across to the western part of Dahiet to split the area in two, isolating it from neighboring Palestinian communities of Beit Hanina and Qalandia. The Occupation and its entourage of technical experts, bulldozers and military forces have already finished a section of the Wall running from Jaba’ Square eastwards to al Nabi Yaqoub and al-Ram. Now uprooting has begun the work for the western wall of Dahiet to join the eastern wall and ensure the ghettoization of the community.

Since 1948 the Occupation has relentlessly pursued the Zionist colonization of Jerusalem and used every measure at their disposal to expel Palestinians from the city. Through the destruction of communities and homes, through settlement construction on Palestinian lands and via systematic discrimination hinged upon racist laws, Palestinians have been subjected to the most vicious form of military Occupation. In 2003, the construction of the Apartheid Wall began around Jerusalem and throughout the Palestinian areas within the city. It will force 120,000 Palestinians out of the city and completely ghettoizes the remaining Palestinian population. Dozens of UN resolutions and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) have condemned the Occupation’s Judaization of the Palestinian capital with rhetoric and “international days of solidarity”. Yet, the UN and international community remain idle and seemingly oblivious to the drastic realities being carved out on the ground in Palestine that threaten to ethnically cleanse an entire nation of people from their lands.

For Palestinians, the International Day of Solidarity remembered by the UN is nothing more than an occasion to highlight once again how the international community has continuously failed the Palestinian people still struggling for freedom.