Call from occupied Jerusalem: Stop the Expulsion

A network of seventeen Palestinian human rights NGOs, including Stop the Wall, today launched a campaign to mobilize the international community to end the expulsion of Palestinians from Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation. The Civic Coalition for Jerusalem is calling for a ‘blacklist’ of corporations supporting the occupation of Jerusalem, and is asking activists all […]

Challenging Tramways of Apartheid – Swiss activists block Connex shuttle run

Swiss activists from Collectif Urgence Palestine stepped up their campaign against Connex, undertaking direct action against the company which supports the racist and Apartheid policies of the Occupation. Interrupting the operation of a Connex operated shuttle, protestors showed the way in boycotting Connex and challenging it’s profiteering from Israeli Apartheid. Connex successfully won a tender […]

The Destruction in Palestine continues:UN remains idle on international Day of Solidarity

***image2***Today, the 29th of November – the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people marked by the UN – the Occupation continued its trail of destruction in Palestine carrying out demolitions for the Apartheid Wall in Dahiet al-Barid (Jerusalem). 181 kilometers of the eight-meter high concrete structure are close to completion in Jerusalem. Snaking […]

Occupation Forces destroy Palestinian house in Anata: Campaign Condemns Judaization of Jerusalem

The Occupation continued its targeted expulsion of Palestinians in Jerusalem by carrying out a house demolition on Monday the 7th of November. Dozens of Occupation Forces expelled the Bishara family from their home in Anata, before destroying the property under the pretext of it not having the correct “permit”. The demolished house belonged to the […]

Fridays in Occupied Palestine

***image2***With increasing attention directed at the disingenuous “disengagement” from Occupied Gaza, the unrelenting construction of the Apartheid Wall is falling under the radar of international media. This intended political distraction calls attention away from the daily reality of land devastation and confiscation that Palestinian villages are facing as construction of the Apartheid Wall continues. Palestinian […]