Flooding by Wall construction site claims Palestinian life
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Flooding by Wall construction site claims Palestinian life

Eyad Tahar was found dead on Monday the 3rd of April, drowned in a flood near the Apartheid Wall between Bil’in and Safa. A valley here has been flooded, with the Wall blamed for preventing recent rainfall from draining. Tahar’s body was recovered from the razor wire of the Wall, while his brother Raad was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious in the pool of water.

Tahar was discovered at 2.10 pm. A valley between Bil’in and Safa (west Ramallah district) has been flooded near the construction of the Apartheid Wall, which prevented the water from draining. This created a pool of water which has submerged local olive trees.

Eyad and Raad Taha from Beit Annan were both travelling to work in Ramallah when they were washed away by the floodwater. Eyad’s brother Raad was found unconscious shortly after and was rushed to hospital in Biddu for treatment. Occupation Forces arrived at the scene to prevent a Palestinian rescue party from using a bulldozer to drain the water.

Bili’n, known for its staunch and steadfast resistance to the Apartheid Wall, is isolated from over 2500 dunums of its land by the Wall. Stolen for the expansion of the Zionist colonies of Mod’in Illit and Mattityahu, the Wall leaves Palestinian ghettoised. The devastation to land and livelihoods, and symbolised by Tahar’s death, is creating destruction across Palestine.