South Yatta villagers continue to block racist settler highway
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South Yatta villagers continue to block racist settler highway

***image2***On Monday, 5th of June, dozens of people gathered in south Yatta’s Kuweyis village and marched to Road 80 protesting their community’s isolation and asserting their right to a crossing onto their land.

The Occupation has been working on two parallel Walls. These isolate Palestinian communities on one side of the Wall from the Green Line and on the other side from Yatta and Hebron district, and fortifies a settler road which runs through the communities’ lands.

Two days ago, the foundation for the Jewish-only road’s fortification was completed. The same day, villagers spontaneously gathered, blocking the street and forcing the Occupation to dismantle parts of the concrete foundation.

Yesterday, villagers protested again and took to the streets shouting slogans against the Apartheid Wall and the Zionist policies which isolate and drive them out of their lands. A large contingent of soldiers arrived attempting to restore passage for the settlers on the racist freeway. They attacked and beat the villagers, but the people resisted the violence of the Occupation forces and continued their protest.

Palestinians living in south Yatta are on the eastern side of settlers-only Road 80. This road links Zionist settlements from the South to Bardala in the northern Jordan Valley and functions as a continuous line of isolation for all communities east of the road.