9th – 16th Of November 2006:4th National & International Week Against The Apartheid Wall
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9th – 16th Of November 2006:4th National & International Week Against The Apartheid Wall

9th –
16th Of November 2006:

4th National & International Week Against The Apartheid Wall

“We Shall Stay

Generation after Generation
Defiant and Steadfast until Liberation”

As the ghetto walls close around our people, the voice of the Palestinian and Arab
resistance continues to echo within the Bantustans and beyond.

year’s week against the Apartheid Wall is all dedicated to the olive
harvest. The struggle for the fruits of the olive trees – our livelihood
and our roots in the land – has become the core of resistance in the
communities isolated from their lands by the Wall and choked by Zionist

After years of siege and sanctions, the olive harvest is a struggle for
existence, for the livelihood of the year to come, for our land that bears
its fruits for us, for our right to exist in Freedom, Justice and


The Anti-Apartheid
Wall Campaign and the popular committees are working on a comprehensive
programme of action and coordination:

  • Protests at the gates
    confrontations with the Occupiers
    that bar the people from reaching their
    land have already begun in Salfit and Tulkarem district

  • Almost 200
    student volunteers
    have been distributed in crucial areas across the West
    Bank to support the olive harvest

  • Some 250
    international volunteers
    will be distributed throughout the olive season.

  • Media alerts

    calling for unity against the Apartheid Wall and to let the people know how to
    join in and report attacks and resistance.

  • Daily reports on the struggle against Israeli
    during the olive season are distributed in the media and through
    the Campaign coordinators


Mobilization gears
up again all over the world protesting the Apartheid Wall and calling for an end
to Israeli occupation and apartheid.

Let the
Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign know about your action:

contact us at

  • Argentina

    MOPASSOL calls for a Vigil for Peace and Against Militarization in the framework
    of the Week against the Apartheid Wall. A photo exhibit against the Wall. the
    vigil will further highlight other colonial and imperialistic crimes committed
    in Latin America – such as the assassination of the 6 priests in El Salvador on
    November 16 1989. It highlights the intrinsic link of colonial, racist and
    genocidal policies in the Middle East and Latin America.

    Date: November 18
    Time: 6:30 pm
    Place: Anfiteatro del Parque Lezama, Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
    Contact: MOPASSOL

    Radio show: La Radio de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, “Derribandos Muros”,
    November 9, 10 – 11 PM, streaming on


    Protest: November 9, rally and following screenings of videos against the
    Apartheid Wall, organized by a coalition of Argentinean Human Rights and Civil
    Society organizations.

  • Australia

    Activists will stage an awareness-raising event in the heart of Melbourne’s
    business district. A 3m x 5m mock wall will be erected, a photo exhibit
    displayed and the activists will hand out leaflets to the by-passers.

    Date: 9th of November

    Time: 12 am (lunch time)

    Place: Melbourne




  • Austria 

    In Graz activists stage two protest in the city center. Passers-by will have to
    pass through a check point in a mock wall where they will be given fake ID cards
    with information about life in the ghettos surrounded by the Apartheid Wall on
    the back of them.

  • Basque

    Information to come soon.


  • Belgium

    In Brussels the 231st sit-in in front of the Israeli embassy will be held. The
    silent protest has continue over the years of the second Intifada giving
    continuity to the solidarity efforts.

    Date: November 9
    Place: Plaza circular

    Date: November 10
    Time: 12:30 – 1:30 pm
    Place: UKKEL, Observatoriumlaan 40, in front of the Israeli embassy
    Contact: Association Belgo-Palestinienne

  • Brazil

    The activists in the favelas of Acari together with the Landless Movement (MST)
    are organizing awareness raising events on the question of Palestine. In the
    camps of the MST on the 10th and 11th of November two
    workshops will be organized.


    University students in Porto Velho will hold a one-day conference on Palestine
    within the framework of the Week against the Apartheid Wall. It will highlight
    the global movement to isolate apartheid Israel as well as the broader political
    context in which the current ghettoization of the Palestinian people is

    Date: November, 10

    Place: Auditorium "Paulo Freire" in UNIR Campus, (Federal University of Rondônia,
    in Porto Velho City, RO)

    Program: Conference "The Palestine Question"

    A.    World Campaign against Israeli apartheid

    B.     Act against the aggression Israeli and the occupation

                 -For the people’s self-determination

                 -In defence of human rights

                 -Stop the Wall

    Exhibition of slides and movies

    C. Conference activities:

        14:00 – The Constitution of Israel State

        Professor Aleksander Allen Nina Palitot (History)

        15:00 – The Middle East and the Hegemony of USA

        Professor João Paulo Saraiva Leão Viana (Political Science)


    Conducting the discussion: Professor Marcio Secco (Philosophy)

        16:00 – The Conflict Israel-Palestine: Territorial discussion

        Professor Thalles Gomes da Fonseca (Geography)

        17:00 – War of Sticks and Stones: The Intifada

        Professor José Felinto (History)

        Conducting the discussion: Professor Nilson Santos (Philosophy)

    Contact: Centrr of Education, Centre of Present’s Hermeneutics, for information:
    Vinícius Miguel


  • Canada

    Israel’s ongoing assault on the people of Palestine in Gaza and all over
    Palestine coincides with the 4th International Week of Action against Israeli
    apartheid. From 9th – 16th November, demonstrations, teach-ins and other events
    will be held across Ontario to protest Israeli apartheid and show support to the
    global campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions.

    Contact: CAIA (Coalition against Israeli Apartheid),

    NOVEMBER 9th:
    To make the links with Israel’s policies of house demolition and deliberate
    destruction of Palestinian
    livelihood, CAIA will be supporting the demonstration called by the Ontario
    Coalition Against Poverty
    (OCAP) to retake social housing for people living at and below the poverty line


    more information). 6pm PARC-1499 Queen Street West (corner of Dowling) Dinner
    will be served.

    NOVEMBER 11th:
    Palestine House Presents: "Solidarity with the Women of Beit Hanoun”
    Speakers will discuss the current situation and what we can do to support the
    people of Gaza. Photographs from the renowned photo-journalist Jon Elmer will be
    on display (and for sale). The event is a fundraiser for women in Beit Hanoun
    and part of the International Week of Action Against Israeli Apartheid. 4pm-7pm,
    Palestine House, 3195 Erindale station Rd Mississauga

    For more information:


    or phone (905)-270-3622

    NOVEMBER 12th:
    The neighborhood group, Parkdale for Palestine, presents a short film on
    Palestine and the opening of
    a photographic exhibition by Jon Elmer which will run to the 19th of November at
    Tinto Coffee House, 89

    Roncesvalles St, Toronto. Event starts at 6pm. For more information, email

    NOVEMBER 15th:
    York University – The Palestine Solidarity Committee presents a film screening
    of the "Iron Wall". 4:30 pm @ York Student Centre, Graduate Student Lounge (GSA)
    Room 430.

    York University – The Palestine Solidarity Committee will be holding a
    demonstration as part of the student day of action against the wall. 1pm @ Vari

    University of Toronto – Students Against Israeli Apartheid will be gathering at
    Sidney Smith Hall, 100
    St. George at 1pm, and conducting a snake march to target three sites on campus
    with direct links to
    Israeli Apartheid.

    Ryerson University, will be showing a film screening of "In the Spider’s Web"
    with guest speakers. Students Against Israeli Apartheid – University of Toronto
    (Mississauga) will also be holding a film screening. Full details for these
    events are still to be confirmed for both campuses, contact

    for updated info **

    NOVEMBER 19th:
    Information Picket – "No Charitable Status for Racist Apartheid Education!"
    Protest the $500-$25,000/head tax-deductible fundraising dinner for Haifa
    University which will be
    attended by the most prominent Canadian supporters of Israel. Organized by Not
    In Our Name and endorsed by the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid. 4:30 PM,
    Fairmont Royal York Hotel, 100 Front Street West.

  • Canary

    Activists are organizing a whole week of actions around an art exhibition.
    Conferences, video screenings and performances round up the initiative.

    Date: November 9 – 17

    Place: Radio ECCA in Escaleritas, Planta baja del Edificio del Pino,

    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria



    Arts Exposition: November 9 – 17


    Artists from the Canary Islands condemn the injustice with their paintings and


    Homage to the Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali: “Handala: the imposible


    Jueves 9.

    Opening of the Arts-Exposition


    Viernes 10.

    Screening of the documentary “Chekpoint” and discussion.


    Lunes 13.

    Conference with  Alá Jaradat, ADDAMEER (Palestinian association for support to
    Palestinian political prisoners).


    Martes 14.

    screening of the documentary “Promises” and debate.


    Miércoles 15.

    Conference: “The Palestinian refugees”, organizad by CEAR (Comisión Española de
    Ayuda al Refugiado).


    Jueves 16.

    Screening of the documentary “Palestine-Israel: two people condemned to
    understand each other”, with the participation of the author, Alberto Rojas.


    Viernes 17.

    Palestinian poetry and music with life performance by D. Ibrahim Khair playing
    the oud.


    Contact: Mujeres por la Paz y Acción Solidaria con Palestina.






    Activists together with the Palestinian delegation in Chile are organizing a
    whole month of activities joining in the Week against the Apartheid Wall.

    Place: Santiago de Chile and Quilpué


    Sunday, November 12
    commemoration of the death of Yasser Arafat. Club Palestino, 12am.

    Wednesday, November 15
    Celebration of the Declaration of Independence, Club Palestino, 7pm

    Wednesday, November 15
    Public event for Palestine, Collegio arabe

    Saturday, November 18:

    Cultural evening in Quilpé






    Activists in Denmark have invited the Youth coordinator of the Anti-Apartheid
    Wall Campaign, Muhammad Othman for a speaking tour around the country to raise
    awareness and mobilize support for the Palestinian BDS call.




    Monday, November 6:

    Public presentation, organized by the local Palestine Initiative, 7 pm, Harders

    Tuesday, November 7:

    Meeting with the Palestinian community in Gallerup

    Friday, November 10:

    Presentation for teachers’ college students, 8 – 10 am, Silkeborg

                                       Public meeting, 9 pm

    Saturday, November 11:

    speech at an evening event organised by the Danish Communist Party,

                                            Copenhagen,7 pm

    Tuesday, November 14:

    Speech at the street activities of the Palestine Initiatives, Copenhagen, 3-6 pm

    Wednesday, November 15:

    Presentation at the public meet, House of Democracy, Vesterbro, 7:30 pm

    Thursday, November 16:

    public meeting at Helsingør High Schoool with MP Rune Lund






    All over France, rallies, sit-ins and demonstrations are organized to protest
    the Apartheid Wall, the Occupation and its brutal massacres in Gaza.

    Saturday 11 November
    Time: 3pm
    Place: Place de la Bastille

    Time: 3pm
    Place: Place du ralliement

    Time: 5pm
    Place: Place de la Victoire

    Time: 3pm
    Place: Place de la Sirène

    Time: 3pm
    Place: Place du Martroi

    Time: 2 pm – 6 pm
    Place: Place de la République

    Tuesday14 November 2006
    Time: 5pm
    Place: devant Carré D’Art à 17 h

    Saturday 18 November
    Time: 12 noon
    Place: Centre ville

    Time: 3pm – 6 pm
    Place: Place du marché




    Under the title Â« Jerusalem – a city for all Â» the French Platform of NGOs for
    Palestine organizes a public conference centred on the reality and future of the
    Palestinian capital. The conference stands within the ongoing campaign against
    the French participation in the construction of the settlement lightrail in


    Date : November 9

    Time : 7 pm

    Place : Paris, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris Entrée du public : 27, rue
    Saint Guillaume – Paris 7ème – Amphithéâtre Chapsal – Métro : St Germain des
    Prés, Sèvres-Babylone, Rue du Bac.

    Contact: Plateforme des ONG françaises pour la Palestine, du Secours
    Catholique-Caritas France, Pax Christi France (supported by Adala)






    The German coordination against the Wall in Palestine has organized the second
    national conference against the Wall followed by speaking tours. A Campaign
    delegate, Fathy Khdirat has been invited to address the conference and to
    participate in a speaking tour.



    8th of November

    Time: 9 am – 6:30 pm

    Place: Genezareth-Kirche, Herrfurthplatz 14, 12049 Berlin (Neukölln)

    Program: “Stop the Wall in Palestine”

    9.00 am: Introduction by a speaker of the organizers

    9.30 am: The situation in Palestine, Lebanon, and Israel today & The German and

                   involvement in the region

    Speakers: Janet Michael, Fathi Khdirat, Jeff Halper, Gilbert Achcar, Jamalat
    Abou Youssef

    1.30 pm: Lunch Break

    2.30 pm: Campaigning and Activities against war, occupation and the wall

                   Short introduction of campaigns/activities like
    German-Israeli-military cooperation and the

                   BDS-campaign (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions)

    Speakers: Ottfried Nassauer, Raif Hussein, Fanny-Michaela Reisin

                   Activists of social and solidarity movements will discuss with
    our guests about actions to be

                   taken now in order to support the Palestinian and Lebanese
    peoples’ struggle for their

                   rights and to stop war and occupation and tear down the wall.

    6.30 pm: conclusion



    Pax Christi, deutsche Sektion,

    ; Internationale Ärzte für
    die Verhütung des Atomkrieges/Ärzte in sozialer Verantwortung e.V. ,IPPNW,
    deutsche Sektion,


    Deutsch-Palästinensische Gesellschaft, DPG,

    ; Jüdische Stimme für
    gerechten Frieden in Nahost,

    ; Palästinensische
    Gemeinde Deutschland e.V.;  Vereinigung für internationale Solidarität e.V., VIS;







    The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign has organised a mass picket of the
    European Union Offices in central Belfast. The protest will call for the
    suspension of the EU-Israel
    Association Agreement through which Israel enjoys privileged trading relations
    with the countries of the EU. This Agreement must not continue while Israel
    continues its policy of ethnic cleansing; continues its illegal occupation;
    continues to build illegal settlements; lays siege to Gaza; massacres
    Palestinians and refuses to dismantle its illegal Apartheid Wall.

    Date: November 11

    Time: 1:30 pm

    Place: EU offices, Belfast

    Contact : belfastipsc@yahoo.ie







    In Venice, activists are mobilizing against the
    exhibit of Apartheid Israel within the famous arts exhibit held in the city.
    Under the slogan “against the architecture of apartheid� the activists will
    line up on both sides of the road that leads from the boat station to the
    entrance of the architecture exhibit. The artist Piero Gilardi has prepared
    white dresses to represent the cloth the dead are wrapped in. Leaflets will be

    Date: November 12
    Time: 2:30 pm – 4 pm
    Place: lungo lo stradone che porta dall’imbarcadero Giardini all’ingresso della
    Biennale Architettura
    Contact: ISM – Italy

    Sit-in in protest of the massacres in Beit Hanoun (Gaza strip) and Al Yamoun

    Date: November 10
    Time: 18:30
    Place: Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano, Rome





    The Korean Palestine Peace Solidarity group has organized a demonstration
    against the Apartheid Wall and a public event.


    Demonstration against the Apartheid Wall

    Date: November 9

    Place: In front of the Israel Embassy


    Campaign against the Apartheid Wall

    Date: November 12

    Place: Seoul. Korea


    Contact: Palestine Peace Solidarity,








    In Mexico, the declaration of the social movements gathered in the Border Social
    Forum held on October 13 – 15 has resolved: “We will organize an International
    Week of Action from the 9th to the 12th of November, including solidarity
    actions with the Mexican and Palestinian people and educational activities
    regarding the common struggles.” 


    Solidarity groups and organizations in defence of Human Rights and Immigrants
    are organizing a rally against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine and the Wall of
    Death along the Mexican- US border. Further protests and awareness raising
    events are planned in the main cities of the country.



    Date: November 9

    Place: In front of the Israeli embassy, Mexico City

    Contact: Coordinadora de solidaridad con Palestina en México




    Date: November 11

    Mexico City: Parque Mexico

    Events in other cities will be communicated later.






    The Norwegian solidarity organizes a concert with Palestinian singer Rim Banna.
    The singer will perform a concert dedicated to the struggle against the
    Apartheid Wall and the walls around the world that oppress, kill and dispossess
    the people. The performance itself is based on a true story about the struggle
    of a couple living on either side of the apartheid wall in the West Bank.


    A speaking event, film screening, creative signature collection directed to the
    Norwegian government and an exhibit will complete the campaigning in Oslo.This
    initiative forms part of the wider solidarity activism that has brought Norway
    to inspire many around the world with its Boycott initiatives.


    Date: November 16

    Place: Oslo

    Programme: Screening of the documentary “The Iron Wall", followed by a
    discussion with Rim Banna about her experiences with the Wall. Interventions of
    solidarity activists and possibly one of the couple that has inspired the Rim
    Banna’s concert will close off the afternoon. 

    Concert in the evening.








    Portuguese youth activists are preparing a photo exhibit against the Apartheid
    Wall featuring the paintings drawn by Palestinian children and photographs.
    Video screenings will accompany the exhibit. 


    Date: November 10 – 30

    Place: Cubo das Artes, Fontainhas – 4795-021 Vila das Aves, Portugal

    Contact: AA78-Associação Avense






    Tadamon! is holding an evening of presentations, inspiring poetry & beautiful
    music to advance the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions [BDS] campaign against
    Israeli apartheid in Montreal. This event is being held in coordination with
    groups internationally who are organizing events to mark the 4th international
    week of action against the Israeli apartheid wall.


    Date: 9th of November

    Time: 7 pm

    Place: Maison de l’Amitie, 120 Duluth East, East of St. Laurent, [Sherbrooke


    Programme: Boycotting APARTHEID: Besieging OCCUPATION



    * Tadamon! Montreal representatives: report back from the landmark Toronto
    conference of Israeli apartheid, outlining the growing call for a campaign of
    BDS and present an analysis of the ways Israeli apartheid directly affects the
    entire Middle East region.

    * JOONEED KHAN: Renowned international affairs reporter for La Presse who has
    reported on Apartheid from South Africa & Palestine

    * MOSTAFA HENAWAY: Independent journalist & social activist with the
    International Solidarity Movement – Montreal, who will speak on Israeli &
    Canadian apartheid, drawing links between the struggle in Six Nations & in



    * KAIE KELLOUGH: Celebrated Montreal writer & poet who is a key member of the
    Kalmunity Vibe Collective.

    * STEFAN CHRISTOFF on Piano & YASSER SHOUKRY on Percussion

    * HOSSEIN SHARANG, an Iranian poet born in Jiroft, Iran, who will recite poetry
    in Persian & French with CLAUDE MAHEU’s ‘musique actuelle’ sounds on a variety
    of instruments.

    * GHADA CHEHADE: will be reading two poems that deal with her experience as a
    Palestinian in Diaspora and her identity as an Arab Woman.






    Senegalese progressive forces join the international campaign against the
    Apartheid Wall with a series of activities launching the Senegal Palestine
    Solidarity group. In particular the activists have planned:


    • Publication
      of articles of support in leading newspapers

    • Launch of a
      petition against the Apartheid Wall

    • Launch of a
      campaign for the closure of the Israeli Embassy






    Spain activists in Barcellona and in Valencia are organizing rallies against the
    Apartheid Wall. Mock walls are used to raise awareness about the reality
    Palestinians are strugglnig against since over 50 years and to denounce the
    complicity of the international comunity with the Zionist politics of Israel.



    Date: November 9

    Time: 7 pm

    Place: Calle del Hospital en Valencia.

    Contact: Palestina Lliure



    Date: November 12

    Time: 12 am – 2 pm (including the symbolic destruction of the mock wall)

    Place: Plaza Mayor

    Further Info:







    A coalition of solidarity groups and progressive organizations have joined to
    organize a protest in the Swedish capital to call for an end to the Apartheid


    Date: November 11

    Time: 1 pm

    Place: Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm

    Organizers: Palestinska föreningen i Stockholm.

    Palestinagrupperna. ISM stockholm. Nätverket bojkotta israel.

    Seko klubb 119. ssu Stockholm. Vänsterpartiet stockholm. Ung vänster

    Kommunistiska partiet. RKU. Socialistiska partiet. Ungsocialisterna.





    The Collectif Urgence Palestine launches a series of activities in Geneva to
    join in the Week against the Apartheid Wall.

    Rally against the Wall with video screenings and performances:


    Time: 11:30 pm
    Place: Place Saint-François

    Date: November 10

    Time: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

    Place: Passage de la Monnaie


    Street action with a mock wall:

    Date: November 11

    Time: 1pm – 4pm


    Passage de la Monnaie


    “The Wall and the Colonization” – Information evening with testimonies from the
    18th and 19th civil mission to Palestine


    Date: November 15

    Time: 8pm

    Place: Maison des Associations (salle Gandhi)


    Contact: Collectif Urgence Palestine, info@urgencepalestine.ch






    Turkish activists stage a demonstration with torches and a seminar to protest
    against the Apartheid Wall in solidarity with the Palestinian people. To further
    raise awareness, the activists will put up a stall and distribute info material
    in the streets of Istanbul.



    Date: November 9, evening

    Place: Istanbul



    Date: November 11


    Contact: MAZLUMDER (Organization of Human Rights and Solidarity for Oppressed
    People), İstanbul branch






    PSC UK organizes an action in protest of the ongoing construction of the Illegal
    Apartheid Wall in Palestine, with placards, a mock wall and a Palestinian Dabka
    Dance group.

    Date: November 11

    Time: 11:0 am – 2pm

    Place: by the steps of St Martin-in-the-Fields, by Trafalgar Square 






    The Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be putting on a protest vigil
    against the Apartheid Wall. It will include street theatre, stalls and a poster
    display and an educational meeting.


    Protest vigil:

    Date: November 9

    Time: 11.30am-1.30pm

    Place: Cornmarket, Oxford


    Educational meeting:

    Date: November 14

    Time: 7.30 pm

    Place: Oxford Town Hall (with Palestinian speaker and/or film)




    Manchester ”Victory to the Intifada group” will be holding a picket of
    Marks&Spencer supermarket to call for boycott and divestment from Israel.


    Date: November 11

    Time: 12pm – 3pm

    Place: Market Street , Manchester city centre




    In Camden a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall will march the streets of
    the London suburb.


    Date: November 11

    Place: At Euston Station, Camden.






    In the Bay Area, Break the Siege has organized a series of events to join in the
    protests against the Apartheid Wall, Israeli colonization and occupation and US
    support for the Zionist crimes.


    Hayward Vigils:

    Dates: November 9, 16

    Time: 4–5 pm

    Place: Five Flags Park, Foothill Blvd, Jackson, Street and Mission Blvd, Hayward


    Public Wall Action – a day of creative action:

    Date: November 11


    Conference: “Popular Resistance in Palestine”

    Date: November 13

    Time: 7 pm

    Place: 766 Valencia Street, New College, SF

    Program: Mohammed Khatib and Feryal Abu Haikal will share their personal
    experiences with Israeli

    efforts to expel Palestinians from their own land, homes and communities, as
    well as Palestinian

    efforts to resist those measures.








    Al-Awda New York organizes a film screening and discussion in commemoration of
    the Week of Resistance Against the Apartheid Wall


    Date: November 15

    Time: 7.30 pm

    Place: Alwan For the Arts, 16 Beaver Street (b/n Broad & Broadway), 4th Floor

    Programme: screening of PALESTINE BLUES (80min) followed by a question & answer
    session with  award winning filmmaker & renowned Palestinian artist and
    sculpturist Nida Sinnokrot.

    "Palestine Blues follows the repercussions of the [Zionist Apartheid Wall] and
    Settlement expansion in the engulfed/annexed Palestinian farming communities of
    the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Instead of focusing on the object of the Wall,
    this documentary examines the grassroots resistance movement that has sprung up
    against it. Palestine Blues is not a "traditional" political reportage but
    rather an interminable road trip across hard and liquid borders, across a
    terrain that is being erased as it is being traversed."




    Activists in New York organize a slideshow and report-back by members of DRUM (Desis
    Rising Up & Moving) who will share their first-hand accounts of the wall in
    Palestine and Arizona from a recent visit. The event aims to show how the fight
    against racist travel bans, the fight for dignity, and the fight against
    militarized borders link the struggle for immigrant rights in the U.S. to the
    struggle for freedom in Palestine.

    After the event, a march is planned to bring the Wall to the streets of New


    Date: November 11


    1:30 PM: Workshop ; 3:00 PM : March


    Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South, New York

    Contact: Ad Hoc Coalition for Justice in the Middle East,






    In Boston, activists have organized a conference to examine why Israel’s
    policies towards Palestinians are apartheid policies. It will explore the role
    activists can play to respond to the Palestinian Call for BDS, and to help
    create the kind of pressure that will be needed to move the region “beyond


    Date: November 19

    Time: 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

    Place: Northeastern University Law School, Room 97, 400-416 Huntington

    Omar Barghouti, Palestinian analyst, activist and writer;
    Felicia Eaves, Co-chair, Black Voices for Peace;
    Leila Farsakh, assistant professor of Political Science, University of
    Massachusetts at Boston;
    Ilan Pappe, senior Lecturer of Political Science, Haifa University;
    Chuck Turner, Boston City Councilor;
    David Wildman, United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries;
    Will Youmans, Attorney and

    divestment activist; etc.




    The American University Students for Justice in Palestine are hosting a weeklong
    awareness campaign the week of the 9th in Washington D.C.




    Activists in San Jose are organizing actions in San Jose against the Apartheid
    Wall in Palestine and the Wall the U.S. government is planning to build along
    the "border" with Mexico. The protest will link the dramatic repression in
    Oaxaca and Palestine.


    Date: November 11

    Time: 11 am – 12 noon

    Place: Stevens Creek Boulevard where the cars get off the 17 freeway heading
    towards Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row Mall


    Date: November 15

    Time: 4 pm – 6 pm

    Place: south end of Cesar Chavez Plaza at the corner of Market and San Carlos






    The National Association of Free and Alternative Media (ANMCLA) has programmed 3
    activities, and is preparing for the open air screenings of wall related media..



    The Foro Itinerante de Participacion Popular and the National Radio of Venezuela
    organize a video screening under the title “Lebanon – Scars of the Empire!” as
    part of the Week against the Apartheid Wall. The film maker Angel Palacios will
    moderate the evening and the contribution of the singer Amaranta Carpio.


    Date: Novembre 9

    Time: 3pm

    Place: Auditorio Ali Primera, Unefa (chuao)




    The Revista MATEA organizes two video screenings in Caracas.


    November 9:  "Private"

    November 16: "Los Hijos de Arnes" (Arna’s children)






    9 Nov.
    Caracas. Auditorio Alí Primera. UNEFA. Chuao 3 pm
    Video forum: Líbano. Huellas del Imperio and The Wall. In the school

    Caracas. Ateneo Popular. Calle Vargas. Los Chaguaramos 5 pm
    Video forum: Private (italian movie on Palestina)

    10 Nov.
    Guanare, Estado Portuguesa. Auditorio Vicerectorado Unellez 7 pm
    Video forum: Líbano. Huellas del Imperio and The Wall. In the school

    13 Nov.
    Caracas, Public demonstration and cultural act
    Pza. Venezuela 4 pm
    Music, poetry, creative rage of the people, words of compromise, screening of
    short movies related with Palestine and the Wall

    Most of the country: Solidarity radio chain against the Wall
    Communitarian and Free Radios (ANMCLA)

    14 Nov.
    Caracas: Street agitation, protest, grafiti

    16 nov.
    Caracas. Ateneo Popular. Calle Vargas. Los Chaguaramos 6 pm
    Video forum: Sons of Arnes (Palestina)