Iceland block Apartheid Israel’s ambassador
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Iceland block Apartheid Israel’s ambassador

The Association Iceland – Palestine has joined in the Week against the Apartheid Wall with a campaign geared toward raising awareness about the Wall and calling for an end to the massacre in Gaza. A successful demonstration against the presence of the Occupation’s ambassador in Iceland has been the highlight of the activities.

***image1***The demonstration was called as the ambassador – based in Oslo (Norway) – visited the island. Over 100 protestors responded to the call of the Association Iceland-Palestine and gathered in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Flags and banners made it clear that the representative of Apartheid Israel was not welcome. Instead of facing protestors calling for freedom and justice in Palestine, the ambassador escaped through the back door. The protest made the front pages of two of the three main newspapers in Iceland and was covered by major news slots -TV and radio- during the entire day.

***image2***In the evening, a cultural event was organized featuring speeches on the Wall, a musical performance and the screening of a film that portrayed the situation in the Gaza Strip.

This event was accompanied by a series of articles about the Wall and the situation in Palestine that had been published in the newspapers during the week.

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