Norwegian Trade Union calls for Arms Embargo Against the Occupation
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Norwegian Trade Union calls for Arms Embargo Against the Occupation

The Norwegian Civil Service Union, one of the largest unions of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, has voted in favour of a boycott of Israel in the form of an arms embargo.

The resolution, passed at the Union’s congress last weekend, went through with an overwhelming majority with only 3 votes against. It condemns Israel’s “massacre” perpetrated against Lebanon this summer and calls for “strong international pressure upon Israel” stating that “Israel must respect UN resolutions and end the occupation of Palestine, the Sheba farms and the Golan Heights, which is in violation of International Law.”

The Union has around 47,000 members and represent workers in national administration, civil service, public utilities as well as other enterprises in the public sector, such as research institutes and cultural organisations. They also organize a student group which earlier this year called for academic boycott against Israel.

Later in the week the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions condemned the Occupation’s crimes, stating:

“LO Norway urges the Norwegian Government to put immediate pressure on Israel to stop this daily aggression against the Palestinian people.

“LO-Norway calls upon all international trade unions, labour organizations and other civil society organizations to take urgent action by requesting their governments’ intervention to stop the dirty war and continuous massacres against the Palestinians civilians … “

The Norwegian trade unions are slowly moving forward to take a clear stand in support of the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

For The Resolution, Click Here(in Norwegian)