March on Washington to protest war and occupation!
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March on Washington to protest war and occupation!

This past year has seen a massive escalation in the destruction unleashed by the United States and Israel on the Middle East. In Palestine, Occupation forces have killed more than 600 Palestinians and injured many others. The Occupation also continues to show its contempt for international law and human rights by continuing the construction of settlements and the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank.

These developments continue to strangle Palestinian movement along with the economy and educational systems. Life in the open-air prison of Gaza continues to deteriorate, to the point where normal life is a near-impossibility.

Additionally, in the latest aggressive war in Lebanon, the Occupation has killed more than 1,200 and wounded thousands more. A massive cluster bomb strike in the eleventh hour of the war has led to ongoing death and injury amongst the civilian population in the south.

Israel continues to destabilize the region, finally declaring openly that it is the only state in the region with a nuclear arsenal.

The United States continues to back the Occupation’s abuse of human rights and international law. On top of the billions of dollars of aid it provides, the United State continues to veto resolutions condemning Israel in the UN. The US also aids the war machine more directly, and during the Lebanon war provided an emergency shipment of bombs. Furthermore, sanctions against the Palestinian Authority have led to the impoverishment of millions of Palestinians, especially in Gaza.

Add to all of this that 655,000 Iraqis and 3,000 US soldiers have been killed since the 2003 invasion of Iraq and it becomes painfully clear that Israeli aggression is supported by the United States and is inseparably tied to the United States’ illegal occupation of Iraq and larger U.S. strategies for hegemony in the region.

Give this dreadful course of events, the Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East demands:

US out of the Middle East

End Israeli Apartheid

Stop US Aid to Israel

The anti-war movement will hit the streets again on January 27th in a national demonstration in Washington: “The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East is organizing a contingent to march against the occupation of Iraq, against the occupation of Palestine, against the attacks on Lebanon, against attacks and other aggressions on Iran, and for justice in all of the Middle East”.

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