Ras Atiyah: The people break free of the isolation of Ras Tireh
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Ras Atiyah: The people break free of the isolation of Ras Tireh

On the 29th of March the demonstration in Ras Atiyeh, south of Qalqiliya, had already opened the series of protests that have marked this year’s land day. Some 500 Palestinians from both sides of the Wall that steals Palestinian land and isolates four communities completely from the rest of the West Bank marched on the access gate.

***image2***People from Ras Atiyeh and surrounding villages gathered at the village school, close to the Apartheid Wall. The crowd then marched towards the gate that bars the access to Ras Tireh. Ras Tireh, Wadi Rasha, Arab Ramadin and Arab Abu Farda are swallowed within the enclave created for the settlement of Alfe Menasheh and its expansion.

At the gate the protest was met by people from Ras Tireh and the other communities isolated by the Wall. Speeches were given on both sides of the gate reaffirming the determination of the people to continue their struggle. Over the past 60 years Zionist policies have continuously attempted to divide the Palestinian people. Yet they have not succeeded so far; and neither will their walls.

The youth ensured that the both parts of the protest could really meet by tearing down parts of the razor wire fencing of the Wall adjacent to the demonstration. The Occupation forces responded with tear gas and beat the youth with batons. They arrested Amjad Adel Abdel Rahman from Wadi Rasha and confiscated Bassam Saleh Abdel Rahman Odeh’s ID card. However, the youth from the area engaged the Occupation forces for two hours before they ended the protest.