Um Salomoneh – the crowd blocks settler traffic on apartheid road
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Um Salomoneh – the crowd blocks settler traffic on apartheid road

The Land Day protest in Um Salomoneh has drawn people from all over Bethlehem district in a powerful demonstration of some 1000 people that ended by blocking the settlement road that destroys and isolates Palestinian land.

***image3***On Friday morning, the crowd gathered in the city center and moved to the lands south west of Um Solomoneh to hold Friday prayers. These lands have been uprooted by Occupation bulldozers to prepare for the construction of the Apartheid Wall and the expansion of Gush Etzion settlement block.

After prayers, speeches were held and the representatives of the local authorities in the district, the parties and community leaders pledged support for the ongoing resistance of Um Solomoneh. Following these words of encouragement, the people marched waving flags and banners claiming their land and asserting their determination to continue the struggle until Palestine is free.

***image2***A large number of occupation forces were stationed close to the settler road. However, the sheer number of people and the depth of their determination ensured that they were able to block the apartheid freeway by demonstrating on the road. Only small skirmishes occurred between the Occupation forces and the villagers as they paralyzed the traffic on the apartheid road, which connects Gush Etzion with Takoa settlement and runs straight through the lands of Um Salomoneh.