Solidarity Letter from the Mexican people strengthens ties with Palestine
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Solidarity Letter from the Mexican people strengthens ties with Palestine

A number of individuals, along with political and social organizations, have sent a letter on behalf of the Mexican peoples expressing solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

The letter voices Mexican support for the Palestinian struggle against the Occupation, in particular solidarity with the besieged people of Gaza. It condemns the bloody siege and isolation of Gaza and the failure of the international community to react in any meaningful way. The Mexicans call for an end to the construction of the Wall and the economic embargo that is strangling Gaza.

Those struggling for justice and autonomy in Mexico stand against many of the same brutal tactics that are faced in Palestine. They are confronted roadblocks as well as military and paramilitary attacks that have lead to the destruction of infrastructure and personal property. Indigenous peoples face widespread racism and discrimination in education, healthcare, culture and the like. Those struggling for justice have been shot down in the streets, while others have been kidnapped, jailed and tortured.

On account of this, solidarity between the Palestinian and Mexican struggles has been growing in strength for some time. For example, the Palestinians have expressed solidarity with the people of Oaxaca during their struggle and have condemned the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico. Those in Mexico have responded in kind, supporting our goals and calling for the stronger ties between our movements.

To read the full letter, click here.