Occupation forces extend control over old city of Hebron
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Occupation forces extend control over old city of Hebron

On 14 August, Occupation forces issued military order putting a 1,500 m2 area from the Tal Ramida neighbourhood, located in the middle of the old city of Hebron, under military control. This land, which is owned by Palestinians, was ostensibly confiscated for “military purposes” and will serve to further increase settler control over the old city.

Land in the targeted area is owned by three Palestinian residents; Salam Zayghir Abu Shakhidam, Mohammed Hamad Abu ‘Aiyshah, and Ratib Salim Abu Hikal. In addition, the Islamic Waqf serves as the caretaker for another area.

The order puts the land at the disposal of the area military commander and the Occupation administration. These military procedures are part of a policy that aims to Judiaze the old city of Hebron, whose residents are terrorized daily by radical settlers and their military protectors. Residents fear that the takeover of this area will be soon followed by the deployment of additional military units, allowing settlers to increase their presence in the city.