Local struggles continue in al-Masra, Bil’in and Ni’lin
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Local struggles continue in al-Masra, Bil’in and Ni’lin

In Ni’lin, the demonstration began with Friday prayers. Occupation border guards, soldiers and several attack dogs, surrounded the threatened village land. Villagers had been prohibited from entering the area, but families and farmers insisted on holding prayers in the area.

At the end of the prayers, but before the demonstration could even begin, Occupation forces attacked the demonstration with tens of tear gas bombs. Two jeeps have been equipped with cannons that are capable of firing 36 projectiles at a time, and these cannons rained tear gas onto the group gathered for prayers. A number of children who were participating in the prayers were severely affected by the gas, which spread throughout the village. Clashes between the military and villagers resulted in the injury of seven persons, two of whom were evacuated to the hospital in Ramallah. A number of others required first aid.

Demonstrators placed nails in the dirt roads in order to damage Occupation vehicles and to force soldiers to withdraw. Upon leaving the area, soldiers left helmets and other equipment, which were burned by villagers. Following the soldiers withdrawal, youth blocked the path of bulldozers and cut away barbed wire.

In al-Ma’sra, a number of demonstrators attempted to march to their lands in protest of the construction of the Wall. Occupation forces had sealed the area with barbed wire to prevent villagers from reaching the site. Soldiers also beat demonstrators and fired tear gas and sound bombs.

Weekly protests also continued in Bi’lin. Drawing on the Olympics, Friday’s protest saw children’s soccer teams playing football on village land. Occupation forces attacked the demonstration.