The Taste of Occupation
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The Taste of Occupation

Palestinian youth from Aida Camp have subverted advertisements for Strauss in the West Bank.

Strauss, an Israeli company that manufactures sweets, coffee and other food products has spread its advertising campaign into the West Bank. Strauss has been pushing its brand of ice cream this summer, using a particular billboard that has become ubiquitous along main streets in major Palestinian cities.

Palestinian youth for the Aida Camp near Bethlehem have creatively changed the wording of the advertisement of Strauss billboards in Bethlehem. Billboards formally reading, “Mmm…ice cream” now promote the message, “Mmm…ice cream with the taste of occupation.” A number of billboards in the Bethlehem area have been changed in this manner.

Through movement restrictions and military control of all borders, the Occupation maintains full control over the Palestinian economy. Israeli companies often take advantage of this situation to dump excess products into what have essentially become captive markets. This lucrative practice is especially damaging to Palestinian farmers and small businessmen, who are not only barred from transporting their goods but are also undercut by cheap Israeli products.

Palestinian youth have been at the forefront of the renewed boycott movement, leading actions in their universities and communities. The billboard remodelling is part of a wider movement toward a comprehensive boycott of Israel goods in Palestine.