New Israeli Medical Association boycott website
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New Israeli Medical Association boycott website

The Medical Committee for Boycott of the Israeli Medical Association (IMA) has launched a new website. The site contains information, articles and analysis on the Occupation’s use of torture as well as the acceptance by Israeli doctors of this practice.

The boycott targets the IMA because it has consistently refused to condemn or issue advise doctors who are involved with torture. As an institution, the role of the IMA is to insure that international medical standards are met. By remaining silent, it is effectively condoning torture and ill-treatment of Palestinians.

The IMA boycott movement began in the UK. Last year, they published a letter in The Guardian signed by 130 British doctors calling for a boycott of IMA. Those involved in the IMA boycott have also been active in supporting Palestinian universities and students, sending aid to Gaza and working toward an academic boycott within the UK.

Visit the new website here: