Ni’lin: Activists halt construction and force drivers to flee
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Ni’lin: Activists halt construction and force drivers to flee

On 9 September, demonstrators in Ni’lin held their Friday demonstration against the Apartheid Wall. Occupation soldiers fired on the central demonstration, but a group of youth succeeded in halting the bulldozers.

On Friday afternoon, 150 residents of Ni’lin marched toward their threatened lands. They were met by Occupation forces, who fired sound and gas bombs in addition to rubber coated bullets.

As the soldiers were confronting the central demonstration, youth split from the main group and were able to sneak to the area where the bulldozers were working. They succeeded in forcing the machine operators to flee the area, effectively stopping the work.

During confrontations, soldiers attempted to arrest first aid worker Salah Tayah Khawaja, but demonstrators were able to free him from the hands of the soldiers.

Friday’s demonstration emphasizes the commitment of the residents to the struggle against the Wall. Despite the terrible heat and the Ramadan fast, the people continue to fight against an occupying army that daily terrorizes their village.

Since the beginning of the actions against the Wall, two children from Ni’lin have been martyred and another 30 seriously injured, a majority of them youth and young men.