6 dunums confiscated in Ramin for checkpoint expansion
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6 dunums confiscated in Ramin for checkpoint expansion

On the morning of 21 September, Occupation forces issued a military order requiring the confiscation of 6 dunums of agricultural land from the village of Ramin, southeast of Tulkarm. The confiscated land will be used for the expansion of the Enav military checkpoint.

The residents of the village were informed that the military order would result in the in the bulldozing of 11 olive trees. However, villagers have reported that three times as many will be lost, as there are close to 30 olive trees found on the threatened land.

This is not the first time village land has been confiscated; during the beginning of the second intifada, Occupation forces annexed 450 dunums of agricultural land for use in the nearby Enav settlement. Farmers were barred from reaching the area and harvesting from isolated trees. Those that tried to enter were exposed to mistreatment and attacks from soldiers, who consider the area a closed zone.

Since last October’s Annapolis conference, the Occupation administration has increased the number of checkpoints and barriers to a staggering 609. Of these, 41 were erected after the conference. The restriction of Palestinian movement between the West Bank ghettos is an integral part of the general expulsion plans being implemented through the construction of the Wall and isolation of Palestinian population centres.