Arrests and attacks continue in Ni’lin
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Arrests and attacks continue in Ni’lin

Ahad al-Khawaja, coordinator of the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign in Ni’lin, was injured when a sound grenade fired by Occupation troops struck him in the face. The Occupation military has also increased its campaign of arrests, with 6 youth arrested since last Thursday.

On 23 September, Khawaja had been leading the EU delegation on a tour of the threatened areas in Ni’lin, where Occupation forces have confiscated 2,700 dunums of land to build the Wall. Done in coordination with the Ni’lin Popular Committee, the visit aimed to introduce the delegation to the area and to educate them about Occupation policy toward the village as well as the different activities that have been organized to protect the land.

***image3***During the course of their visit to the threatened land, a group of Occupation soldiers approached the group and ordered them to leave the area. The group complied, but as they were walking away area soldiers fired on them with tear gas and sound bombs. One of the projectiles struck Khawaja directly in the face, breaking his nose, damaging his eye and causing multiple burns. He was taken to Ramallah for medical care and was treated in the Shiekh Zaid hospital.

The Occupation has also been stepping up its assault on the village youth. Last Thursday, soldiers kidnapped 11-year-old Mohammad Salah Khawaja and Abdulrahman Lu’ei Khawaja. After holding the two boys in detention, Mohammad Khawaja was released following a 3,000 NIS fine. Occupation forces are still holding the older of the two, his release contingent on the payment of a 6,000 NIS fine.

Last night, soldiers arrested four additional youth from Ni’lin in a midnight raid. Said ‘Atallah ‘Amira (25), Ibrahim Muhammad Khalil Srorur (20) Momin Abdelrahman Ashadeh (20), Yusif Mohsin Mousa (20) were all taken from their homes and remain in detention.