CUPE passes academic boycott resolution
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CUPE passes academic boycott resolution

The CUPE Ontario University Workers Coordinating Committee (OUWCC) has passed an important BDS resolution calling for an end to institutional links between Israeli and Canadian universities that serve to perpetuate apartheid. This comes despite considerable effort on behalf of Zionist organizations to stifle Palestine solidarity in Canada.

The recent resolution, which was passed on February 23, moves the academic boycott forward, calling on campus representatives to work with local unions in ensuring that Ontario universities cut research or investment ties with the Israeli military. Additionally, local unions are encouraged to dissuade universities from forming new ties, including collaborations, corporate partnerships and investments, which would directly or indirectly benefit the Israeli military or research. Finally, the resolution includes awareness raising measures, including possible funding for an education campaign on boycott.

In addition, a second resolution was passed in support of students, staff and faculty members of Canadian universities that have been involved in organizing Israeli Apartheid Week. Responding to requests from Zionist organizations, campus administrations have actively worked to suppress the event, refusing requests for room space, threatening individuals, and banning IAW posters on several campuses. Similar intimidation is being brought to bear on CUPE Ontario, including media smear campaigns and threats against union members.

This resolution is an important step forward for the BDS movement, building on the string of victories in the past month.

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