Three more arrested in Jayyous raid
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Three more arrested in Jayyous raid

Early this morning, Occupation forces continued their crackdown on the village of Jayyous and raided several more homes where they arrested three youth. This comes in the wake of last week’s rampage in which some 75 people were detained in a village school, some for as many as 17 hours.

The raid began at two in the morning when seven military jeeps entered the village. Soldiers first forced their way into one house, where they arrested six brothers. After interrogating them, they released five of the brothers and abducted the sixth. They then moved on to two more homes, arresting one person from each.

The three have been taken to a nearby military camp, where they are being held indefinitely. Sixteen youth from the village who were arrested in last week’s incursion are still being held there.

This latest invasion of Jayyous is a continuation of a mounting level of repression to which the village has been subjected over the past several weeks. Occupation forces are resorting to any means necessary to try and quell the weekly demonstrations and crush the popular resistance. The people of Jayyous remain steadfast in the face of this intimidation, however, and vow to continue their struggle.