Imprisonment of anti-Wall activists
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Imprisonment of anti-Wall activists

***image2***The remaining two prisoners from al-Ma’sara are still held without charge following another delay in their trial. In Ni’lin, the young man beaten and arrested during last Friday’s demonstration was released. And in the village of Jayyus, a young man faces up to three years in prison for participating in protests against the Wall in the village.

Hassan Brajiya and Mohammad Brajiya, both from al-Ma’sara, remain in jail after their trial was delayed another week. The trial was scheduled for last Tuesday at the Ofra military camp for Tuesday. To date, the two have been held without charge for nearly a month in what is a transparent attempt by Occupation forces to crack down on popular demonstrations in Bethlehem.

The detention of Palestinians at anti-Wall protests is not limited to Ma’sara. Last week. Occupation forces detained a young man during the demonstration in Nil’in. Muhannad was in front of his house when soldiers raided it in search of protestors. Witness recounted that four soldiers dragged Muhannad to a jeep, beating him on the way with hands, feet and rifle butts until be began bleeding heavily from his head. Medical treatment was denied, with soldiers telling medics that they could meet him in jail. Muhannad was released on Saturday night.

Perhaps the most serious case is that of 19 year old Anwar, a student at an-Najah university and activist in Jayyus. Anwar was arrested during the February raid in Jayyus when soldiers detained 75 people and interrogated them in the village school. Anwar was accused for being involved in protesting against the Wall, and has been imprisoned without trial ever since. Occupation authorities have pushed back his trial date four times to date, although the final trial is scheduled for 18 June. He faces from 25 months to three years in jail.