“Stolen Beauty” demonstrations expose Ahava
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“Stolen Beauty” demonstrations expose Ahava

***image1***Many movements against Israeli companies and products have begun to gain momentum. One such movement comes from the organization CODEPINK, an anti-war group that has recently targeted Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories. Ahava is a privately held Israeli cosmetics company that manufactures products in the West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Shalem, using stolen Palestinian resources from the Dead Sea in violation of international law.

As part of their “Stolen Beauty” campaign, the organization has already organized multiple successful demonstrations against Ahava, most of which have taken place in the US. The first demonstration occurred in cooperation with Coalition of Women for Peace at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv. The demonstrators were able to shut down the Ahava store in the hotel for an entire day, which prompted them to push forward with the campaign in the United States.

In July, a flurry of demonstrations against Ahava were held. On July 20th, CODEPINK rallied with signs at the Ahava booth inside the beauty industry’s annual major “Cosmoprof” conference in Las Vegas and called for a boycott of the company. Again, on July 30th, CODEPINK held a demonstration at an Ahava store in Washington DC. Clad in pink bathing suits and smeared with mud, the participants in the protest gave the store’s managers letters with factual information on Ahava’s production process and staged a demonstration outside of the store with signs and banners that pointed towards Ahava’s illegal actions. A similar action was held in a Los Angeles area mall.

These demonstrations have received a considerable amount of press coverage from local and international news agencies. Numerous blogs and other websites have also given mention to CODEPINK’s successful demonstrations. Coverage such as this further bring to light the actions of Israeli firms and the need for a comprehensive BDS movement.


All photos from CODEPINK. Click for more photos or information on the Stolen Beauty campaign.