Join the first global BDS Marathon! – October 16/17 2009
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Join the first global BDS Marathon! – October 16/17 2009


What’s the BDS Marathon? – Two days of non-stop BDS activities around the globe!

Save your time slot now!

Participation is simple:

1) Organize an event activity during Friday and Saturday 16/17 October 2009 and let us know at:
2) Stop the Wall will publish a time table with all planned activities.
3) We will put you in touch with the activists mobilizing before and after you. If your activity and access to internet/phone allows, you will be able to directly take over from the previous activity and hand over to the next action.

You may organize activities such as protests, leaflets handouts, street actions, speaking events, video screenings, book readings, powerpoint presentations, radio/TV programs, internet actions, a twitter campaign, a fax blitz…Be creative!

For activist material to make your event a success, contact


Israeli arrests of Palestinian human rights activists aim at stopping grassroots activism and the global call for Israeli accountability in front of international courts and through boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) campaigns. We therefore call on all people all over the world to let Israel know: “If you want to arrest the BDS movement, you have to catch us all!”

18 days have passed since Mohammed Othman was arrested in reprisal for his ongoing advocacy against the Wall and occupation. Since then he has been held in solitary confinement and often undergoes up to 16 hours of continuous interrogation focusing on his international advocacy.

Mohammad was arrested on his trip back from Norway, where he spoke about Israeli human rights violations and welcomed Norwegian action to hold Israel accountable. Norway’s national Pension Fund recently divested from Elbit, the Israeli company which provides drones and other military technology for Occupation forces and security systems for the Wall and settlements. This was only one of many successes of the BDS movement among unions, parties, intellectuals, artists and governments.

Like Mohammad Srour, testifying in front of the Goldstone Commission about the repression of the Gaza solidarity protests along the Wall, Mohammad Othman has been arrested because of his international advocacy. Israel clearly fears the global calls to try its war criminals and the growing strength of the global BDS movement. It tries to repress a new generation of Palestinians that are not willing to live behind ghetto walls but instead are reaching out to the world and stand up against Israeli apartheid and occupation.

Mohammed is not the only activist in prison for struggling against the Wall, and dozens more from Bil’in, Jayyus and Ni’lin are currently locked in Israeli jails, some for months on end. These arrests are part of a clear Israeli strategy that aims to silence and crush individuals and communities. This must be stopped!

For more information about Mohammad Othman, see:

For more information about the repression of the communities affected by the Wall see: