Protests focus on Wall and prisoners
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Protests focus on Wall and prisoners

This Friday, in spite of heavy rains, soldiers and tear gas, the people of Bil’in and al-Ma’sara marched against the Wall. In Bil’in, organizers dedicated their protest to jailed activist Adeeb Abu Rahmeh, who was arrested this summer and remains in prison for his role in organizing grassroots resistance.

During the demonstration in Bil’in, people wore masks of the likeness of Adeeb Abu Rahmeh and demanded his release in addition to condemning the Wall and ongoing settlement activity. Two were injured while dozens more experienced breathing problems when soldiers tear gassed the demonstration.

Abdeeb Abu Rahmeh is a key activist with the Bil’in Popular Committee and was targeted on account of his role in organizing grassroots resistance against the Wall. Imprisoned on July 10 and charged with “incitement to violence”, he stands to remain jailed throughout the legal proceedings, which may take more than a year.

Abu Rahmeh’s arrest occurred as the preliminary hearings against two Canadian companies responsible for the construction in the settlement of Modiin Illit began in Canada. During this wave of arrests, Occupation forces abducted 27 people over a period of several months of night raids.

Further south in the Bethlehem district, the people of al-Ma’sara village led a demonstration of local and international activists against the Wall.

Under pouring rain, the al-Ma’sara Committee Against the Wall and Settlement delivered their message of resistance against this ongoing land theft, reaffirming once again their rejection of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 that offered support to the Zionist movement in their effort to establish a Jewish state in historic Palestine. Israeli and international activists including a delegation from France expressed their solidarity with the people of al-Ma’sara in chants and speeches.

A minor from al-Ma’sara was injured when an Israeli soldier cut a rope that he was using in order to attempt to remove the barbwire without getting hurt. Following the protest, the popular committee gave a presentation about the situation in the area.